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  1. Wheel of Time is pretty poor overall. It’s also weird to see an Amazon show that looks like a SyFy or BBC America original.
  2. Every faculty meeting has portion during which we’re meant to turn to a neighbor and tell each other a thing or two we’re grateful for.
  3. This one passed me by at first, but it turned out to be another really record from him.
  4. Albums Mobb Deep - The Infamous The Other People Place - Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe Vektor - Terminal Redux Roc Marciano - Marcberg Aphex Twin - Saw II Books Don Delillo - Libra Ralph Ellison - Invisible Man NK Jemisin - The Fifth Season Thomas Pynchon - V Paul Beatty - The Sellout Movies Rosemary’s Baby Possession Late Spring Fire Walk With Me Beverly Hills Cop TV The Wire S4 Games Dark Souls Bloodborne Skyrim Resident Evil 2 Remake Tetris
  5. I'm seeing this super late, since I haven't been around much, but it comes as a shock nonetheless. RIP Thanks for linking to the memorial, usagi.
  6. I was starting to worry this would never drop. Really looking forward to it, too.
  7. ^ Worth it for that Hootie & The Blowfish cover. Remarkable stuff.
  8. After not liking Age Of at all, I'm pleasantly surprised by this album so far. I even kinda like the Weeknd track.
  9. Shit, I thought the 10/30 vinyl release date on Bleep was the actual release. What a gift, unexpected ae.
  10. The Third Day It definitely feels like I've seen all this before (borrows a lot from Wicker Man and other Folk Horror stuff), but it's pretty entertaining. Pose It's a bit Ryan Murphy for me, but my lady loves it. It seems to be shot on location here in New York, but they did a terrible job making it look like the 1980s. The city looks cleaner than it does today and they seem to constantly be standing in front of something that didn't exist at the time.
  11. The whining and the hand-wringing over its use are the whole point. It’s hilarious.
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