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Colin Stetson - All this I do for glory


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“I always try to build into the arc of an album some point of juxtaposition, and this one is where that happens. Whereas ‘Spindrift’ is serenity and expanse, ‘In The Clinches’ is violence and immediacy. I wanted the experience of the song to be one of total immersion like the listener is inhabiting the instrument itself, hearing and feeling it from the inside out. There’s this hyper-realised, exaggerated character to the percussive sounds and a brute brashness to the sound of the horn. If ‘Spindrift’ is a memory of a peaceful past, then ‘Clinches’ is the fear of a future of struggle. The present is that point of silence between the two.”


I watched that video hoping to get some good old Stetson but this is on another level. Pre-order the shit out of this, this is fucking unbelievably good.



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This dude's music pops up in my Spotify on occasion and I'm always intrigued, more so with every new track I hear. Adding this to my albums to listen to.

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