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Xi - XiZyZi EP


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    • By Worlds Most Johnsson
      Anyone know if this an official pressing?
      Never seen it before.

    • By fringerviv
    • By yshf
      New EP here - distorted, hyperactive idm/broken beat/techno/noise stuff. Figured I'd share it :-) would love to hear any feedback or criticisms you may have (constructive or otherwise).
      IMC Sun - Somtime
      Mean It
      Short Bus (s-H-ik IMC)
      Flang (Shit IME IMean Bus - Yor Shar-Shikin Bus)
      Ghost Your German
    • By Dragon
      I recently came across this rather unusual track, titled "Ventolin (Ae Mix)". It sounds very experimental, kinda like something Booth and Brown would put together while they were just playing around. There's not much to it, no percussion, but some interesting development of synths and white noise.
      What convinces me is that it does sound similar to the original mix of Ventolin. It has a similar high-pitched ring, though it sounds more like a cover version than something that samples the original.
      What do you guys think? Is it real? If not, any idea where it's from?
      autechre - ventolin (ae mix) UNRELEASED.mp3
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