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Xi - newzewlund


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Nice nasty acid bass to start this. Interesting choice of melody to compliment .... 


Yep now the chords are in its tasty and weird as hell. 


What's going on in the middle of the track vocoding processed to hell and back? Sounds cool.


How is this put together? i reckon it could be cleaned up a fair bit and pop a bit more with some compression but don't listen to me all my stuff is muddy as hell

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nice uh, rapid drum trigger things


also what is the soundcloud thumbnail? It reminds me of this program I had simply called Fractal Explorer where you could give it weird parameters and you could just get abstract sort of blobs that didn't seem fractal-related at all

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Visual thumbnail is a grainy smattering of lights moving around in a scene created in C4D that I grabbed a still from. I liked gradient created.


I build mostly everything in Gadget right now on my phone or ipad. The vocody stuff is just a panning instrument chosen out of the Kiev selector and then bit crushed a tad. 


Thanks so much for the feedback everyone!

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