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Tsrono - Alluvial and Ripari


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i also like your choice of aesthetics in your other music too ... so a bit of this flavour is great for a change but would also like to hear more clinical stuff from you too in future

First of all, thanks, glad you're digging the dirtier tracks I've put out recently. Secondly, I do have some more in that 'cleaner' style on the way...and when I say on the way, I mean already recorded and sitting in folders on my computer waiting for me to decide on tracklists and sorting really. I could push out about 2 hours worth of /good/ music as 3 or 4 EPs this weekend (some faster/cleaner/bassy/hyper/noisy/weird style shit, some acid/braindance-influenced-but-my-version, and some ambient/pretty) but I'm trying to refine a track or two, as well as compile something into an 'album' more than just EP after EP after EP. I kind of like doing the run of EPs right now but I'm consider making something a little more /significant/ with some of the material and don't wanna end up releasing something then using the same tunes again on another release. Trying to push the envelope, basically. Plus I had a small (digital) label contact me about putting out something with them I'm trying to find the right vibe for...and I've also got an idea for a very special extended physical release collection of a ton of other tracks, misc recordings, and unique tracks, but I don't know if anyone would be into it...also there's the techno project I've been slowly working on in the background...just a lot of shit sitting in folders right now and compiling/making decisions is difficult right now basically  :catsuicide: 


tl;dr: something 'cleaner' style is definitely on the way soon, but a full album tending towards one style probably needs to happen so not sure when soon actually is.

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