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The Allegorist - Hybrid Dimension I

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The Hybrid Dimension I. galactic stories start with the hopeful excitement of new Exotic Expeditions. 

In the enormous power of this challenge, the protagonist overcame her fear and went to an island of purple dragons. This is how she became the Dragon Rider. 
The girl and the dragon flew together over continents and oceans. On their journey the girl fell in love with a droid but their love remained unfulfilled. In her sadness she fell apart and left her terrestrial life behind. 

The protagonist became one of the Falling Astronauts who were floating selfless in complete silence in the dark space. Before getting swept into the deadly stream, where there was no way back she held her ground and refused to give up. 

The girl joined the army of the Ninja Mademoiselle where she got her strength back, afterwards she decided to climb the dangerous and mysterious Foggy Mountains to learn to listen to the voice of her soul again. In the distance the girl could see monks appearing quickly and disappearing again. Just as the drums and guitars from the woods were getting louder she became sure about her mission. 

In that moment she got the ability to see whatever she wanted .
So the girl thought about the droid, saw him fighting and dying in the war and they saw each other one last time. Through the pain and inseparable love of the Humandroid Lovers she gained entry into a higher spiritual level. 

Now the protagonist could enter the Asteroid Temples, which were built at the borders of different districts on circulating asteroids, protected by higher energy fields. In this holy and safe place all creatures could find peace in any beliefs. 
They were sitting in pentagon and praying in trance, after she mastered the technique of awakening the consciousness. During this ceremony, she started hearing seagulls and radio noise. 

Suddenly the girl found herself standing on the boat known as The Viking Thunder, facing a foreign land. 
released July 27, 2018 

Cover Art: Anna Jordan Project 


Join the Intergalactical Journey with dreamy visions through time and space and discover emotional freedom. 

The movement is ours. 

cat# DETUND LTD 34



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