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On 6/28/2019 at 9:32 AM, Mozex said:

So you actually believe that I am the one acting like a child? Hmmm okay. Your opinion is just ridiculous. I can not make drums so I use a loop, I cannot sing so I use a loop. Its as simple as that. You act like I only use loops which is not the case. Whatever I do, its never good. Do I play melodies, then they suck, do I replace the melodies with vocals, then thats  not good. What I have learned from my short time here is that I do not need to please others but myself with my music, thank you all for that important lesson. I aint threatening to leave, I just do not find enjoyment in this site because everytime I post something, its not good. There is always something wrong. I am glad I already found other music sites that give positive feedback also because if I had stayed on this website alone, then I would have stopped making music already a long time ago. You all think you are so good but to be honest, and I stated this before, you should call this site the noise makers.

I can go around critising the "music" some of you make also just because it aint my thing. I am sorry to say this again but some of the "music" I hear here are just some noises put on a drum. You all think thats pretty cool and thats your opinion ofcourse, I do not think that is music. Its just noise.

It is clear, that this website is not the place for me, because you all want me to become like you, making noises on a drumpattern. I am sorry, I do not want to be like you ?

When I post something, most of you just visit to have a laugh and ridicule me. And then when I say you make me feel bad you act like I am the child. But in the end, all you guys do is laugh at me or accuse me of being a troll. I did not threaten to leave, I am leaving. Find someone else to laugh at. If you think I am gonna pay for a membership for that, then you are very wrong. I will go to other sites where the people at least try to be positive. I do not mind advice, I do mind that ridiculing me and acting like I am so bad at making music that I just should stop.

If you all made good music, I could understand and accept it, but most of the time the ones giving "advice" are even worse then me. Please call this website we are the noise makers. Its more relevant to what the use of this website is, because if you make music, then you got laughed at. Just make some boing boing triiiinnng triiing electric sounds on a boom boom drum pattern and this is the place for you! Yeah I had enough of it, again, I only came back because this was the only place where I could share my music. Now, not anymore. So have a great time thinking you all are music makers and laughing at people who actually make real music! Bye bye!



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To be honest, I do not really use any loops anymore for a long time already, but good for you for bringing old stuff up! Bet it makes you feel really good!

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So I learned that the beats I made had nothing to do with rap, well I could all of your help then pinpointing the genre of each track I made. I will share them here over the coming days. Please help me finding a genre for it.

This is the first track, would not know what kind of genre it is...


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I created a new soundcloud for the tracks that are not up for sale yet. I can not include previous ones cause someone already bought them on bandcamp and it would not be fair to do with them what I am gonna do.
I will from now on release all my tracks for free and call them ideas. I called myself The Man With Ideas.
I clearly lack the skills to make something sound professional but at least I have some ideas. I am happy with that already. I just want to make fun to be honest. Thank you all for the time and patience you all had with me.

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