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Do any of you develop audio plugins or applications using JUCE?

I've just started getting serious about it after playing around with it for a couple years. I'm really glad there is an adequate amount of tutorials for different things, but I'm not super enthused with how they're written.

What is your experience with it?

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And with that said, I hit a wall almost immediately with their tutorials. The second one didn't work and a lot of their "tutorials" aren't really tutorials. They give you a finished project and explain parts of it but don't show you a linear process to completion. You almost have to reverse engineer every project, so I'm starting to spend a lot of time looking through documentation.

However, there is the Audio Programmer on youtube.

His videos aren't perfect, but they definitely give you a better idea of how to navigate through JUCE and eliminate/add crucial things.

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I played around with it a bit when I was trying to use my android phone as a midi control surface over usb. I found the stuff fairly helpful (even though it was just one tutorial), however I do do this stuff as a day job as well so maybe I had the required knowledge already. I did find it fairly straightforward to get a quick hello world thing set up that could send MIDI to the computer from the phone.

Maybe a good way to learn JUCE is to go and find some open source projects built with it. I have sometimes found that it is simpler to change an existing thing to learn how it works and tune it to your needs than to start from square 0 to build your own thing.

Check this out for example - seems pretty good for getting started https://github.com/getdunne/VanillaJuce

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