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Audio and Video for the Arturia Drumbrute through Guitar Pedals


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I am brand new here and, look forward to listening to and commenting on your creations.


I made this over the weekend:



As noted, these sounds were made with the Arturia DrumBrute analog drum synth:




kick  - 

db kick signal > jdx direct drive > thru > hi cut eq

db kick signal > jdx direct drive > out > mooer ShimVerb 


snare - 

db snare signal > red panda particle


clap -

db clap signal > joyo digital delay


mix out -

db mix out





"food dye, glassware and an overhead projector" footage


"drumbrute jam" footage


random altered art from the internet


Adobe Premiere Pro CS6



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Lol. :-) I would love something like the drum brute. I got a few drum machines a Yamaha RX15 and a Roland TR505. I really like oldskool digital drums but the drum brute does sound punchy especially for its price!!

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just listened, nice stuff bro. the arrangement pulled me in hard at 2 mins.


i would maybe consider teasing the bassline in the first portion :20 to 2:00, or adding some one-shot sounds to keep things spicy


also i think stereo image is nice on a bassline but your wobble bass is set too wide


low frequency content is not easily perceived when set wide in a stereo image and a biting bassline can lose energy if panned or stereo'd too much


a good way to trick listeners into hearing a wide fat bass is by splitting or layering the bassline, example:


take your bass and copy the signal to two tracks

put a hi-pass eq on one around say 300hz

put a lo-pass eq on the other around 300 hz (just a number it will be different depending on the sound)


apply your width and fx to the hi-pass'd portion of the sound. that way your low end stays centered and present and you get the width you desire to keep things cool.


overall, good stuff tho thanks for sharing bro

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