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Virtual Glastonbury 2020

Soloman Tump

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Should probably start a dedicated thread since there is plenty going on this weekend.

Obviously a shame the festival isn't happening, given it should have been the 50th anniversary celebration.

Just posted in the 'chre forum that Glade are hosting DJ sets from 'chre, Plaid and !!! this weekend as well as an Andrew Weatherall tribute.

The BBC are showing a David Bowie gig which I don't think I have ever seen, so I will try and watch that.

Post more info here if you find any cheers!

2017 behind the scenes documentary from the John Peel stage:




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Sorry to sound like a perv (but I'm not really sorry)

I can't stand her fucking music, which is primarily down to her really fucking-spoilt-brat-mewing-like-a-screaming-fucking-cat voice but I think the Grimes 2016 show is on (somewhere) (red button, blue button, green button, whatever fucking button)

It's good because of the three very sexy chicks dancing on stage with her. I remember getting back home from the pub (probably the pub, maybe somewhere else like the river path or my den down in the thicket) and ballooning on the sofa with my gut full of beer and chuntering to myself like a madman about........

yeah anyway watch it (if you like sexy chicks dancing, if you don't like sexy chicks dancing? Then don't fucking bother lol)

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On 6/27/2020 at 8:36 PM, beerwolf said:

I should watch the Bowie one. I'm gonna check out when it's on.

(It's on Sunday 9.30pm)


Bowie was awesome.  I drank some whisky and sang along to pretty much all of it.

Had forgotten the track "Little Wonder" with its weird amen breaks, fun times.

Edit, what a set list, and an interesting anecdote as to why it was never fully aired on tv at the time


Bowie really didn’t want to be filmed.

"Weeks of wrangling, cajoling, even pleading through Bowie’s publicist, Alan Edwards, had resulted in an amiable but immovable stalemate.

"We could film and broadcast the first four songs of the set and then a song or two from the encore, but no more."

1. Wild Is the Wind

2. China Girl

3. Changes

4. Stay

5. Life on Mars?

6. Absolute Beginners

7. Ashes to Ashes

8. Rebel Rebel

9. Little Wonder

10. Golden Years

11. Fame

12. All the Young Dudes

13. The Man Who Sold the World

14. Station to Station

15. Starman

16. Hallo Spaceboy

17. Under Pressure


18. Ziggy Stardust

19. "Heroes"

20. Let's Dance

21. I'm Afraid of Americans


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I was at the stage for Plaid at the time they were supposed to be on but was fucked and forgot what they looked like, the music was very non-Plaid like too. Will have to listen to this to check if I was there or not. Aphex Twin started his set early when he played Glastonbury so they aren't that fussy about stage times.

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I was at that Glasto performance by Bowie. It was pretty fucking astounding.

Was the Weatherall tribute recorded? That's a great lineup.

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