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  1. From Bleep: "Instant download of the following tracks with all pre-orders: 'M4 Lema' 'F7' 'si00' 'esc desc' 'au14' 'Metaz form8' 'sch.mefd 2' 'gr4' 'th red a' 'psin AM' 'r cazt' Full release delivered on release date: 10.16.20" Instant download of the whole album now and "full release" delivered on release date? It could either be a mistake or additional material is coming on the 16th...
  2. If what I just heard (I just couldn't help myself) is indeed new Autechre (and it sounds like it is - si00, I think), it is anything but warm and ambient, but definitely fluorescent and I absolutely love it.
  3. This is what Ian Anderson also said on Twitter about the artwork and the album: "What if it weren’t a puzzle. What if it is what it is not a function of something else? Just imagine :-)" "...seriously it sounds a bit different..." He sounds a bit upset about the criticism: "Why the placement of Autechre SIGN in the top left, instead of in the middle of the circle? Thinking face" "They call it design, apparently. But you could cut it out and shove it where you want Face with tears of joy" Notice the "fluorescents" hashtag. I bet you it's fluorescent on the vinyl cover and, hopefully, the CD too, and looks really cool. I'm very curious, excited, and a little scared about the different sound ("Oversteps" was the only misstep [sorry] for me in their flawless, progressive streak since the most-underrated "Untilted). Especially, since Ian wrote that "you need to hear what it looks like". Colorful, warm, and fluorescent...
  4. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2019/04/first-picture-black-hole-revealed-m87-event-horizon-telescope-astrophysics/
  5. Tweeted by Skam today: https://skam.bleepstores.com/
  6. like srsly i wouldn't even dare hanging that poster... i mean with what? pins? when every square millimeter worth several cents D: ... In a beautiful frame, baby...
  7. I think you mean ...And 38 > 0, hence... And holy mother of fuck shit I can't wait All these one-off tracks are so good. 6852 is one of my favorite ever. SYptixed is awesome too. 6852 is special and also one of my favs. Speaking of the one-off tracks, I converted the "Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts" teaser from Vimeo to a 320kbps MP3 last night and have been listening to it on repeat. It's a short piece that oddly sounds complete as a whole and is really neat. From the Designers Republic Facebook post: "The official launch of the Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ project was...all sound-tracked by bespoke Autechre structures originally composed / compiled for TDR™’s 2011 GGG Tokyo Retrospective." The print looks great, but is crazy expensive. I ordered one today, though, with £20 shipping to the US. Couldn't miss the opportunity to own it and hang it in my room.
  8. Based on the photo on the Touched Facebook page, the new Autechre track for Macmillan Cancer Support that Sean mentioned in the WATMM chat will be titled "spl47." https://www.facebook.com/touchedmusic/photos/a.661469200551477.1073741828.654657207899343/796229733742089/?type=1&theater The compilation will be released on November 28th 2014. Very excited about this one. "spl9" is my favorite track on "Exai" and possibly my favorite Ae track ever.
  9. I have 1 ticket to Warp25 for sale (unfortunately, it turns out I can't go.) $30 (shipping via Priority Mail from New York within the US included). Private message me for more info.
  10. I have 1 ticket to Warp25 for sale (unfortunately, it turns out I can't go.) $30 (shipping via Priority Mail from New York within the US included). Private message me for more info.
  11. 1. 444 2. Piezo 3. Teartear 4. Rotar 5. Nuane 6. Under BOAC 7. Parhelic Triangle 8. Surripere 9. Pro Radii 10. Fermium 11. Sublimit 12.The Plc 13. IO 14. Plyphon 15. r ess 16. Yuop 17. irlite (get 0) 18. bladelores 19. spl9 20. deco Loc
  12. According to Juno Download, the digital release has been moved to 03.03 (24.02 on the Aperture website) There is a way to listen to the whole track by clicking on the slide bar in the waveform with a pause each 30 seconds (annoying, but cool anyway). The remix is out of this world - a 17-minute Autechre orgasm with a blissfully beautiful ending. I wish it could just go on and on forever. Kind of a similar feeling to "Sublimit." Are these two guys aliens or what? http://www.junodownload.com/products/oberman-knocks-dilankex-ep/2392284-02/
  13. You can pre-order the vinyl now from the label's website and listen to a snippet of the Ae remix. Shipping on 01.24
  14. You can listen to an excerpt of the original here: https://soundcloud.com/aperture-records/oberman-knocks-dilankex-edit
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