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  1. Less of a wistful FWP and more of a legit one. I think I'm starting to realize that a wisdom tooth extraction is necessary soon, at least on the left side of my mouth. The ones to the right never really bothered me tho. Also my new floor fan puts out about twice as much power as my 4-year-old desk fan, even tho it was only $10 more. Although I'm not sure why I mention that as a FWP.
  2. I somehow got sucked back into Fallout 4 (w/ mods) over the past week. I found some WWII-era weapon mods that work pretty well, plus they're lore-friendly. Think I'm about to take a brief recess tho and check out the NMS weekend event. And there are still like 6 games I bought on Steam that I haven't even touched yet.
  3. How does an anti-vaxxer become a doc in the first place?
  4. If Don Don ever gets put behind bars for his many crimes after he steps down, he will no longer praise police and instead refer to them as "deep state Clinton thugs" or some bullshit
  5. I still need to play this (basically Soviet Silent Hill)
  6. I used to love summers as a kid. Now I hate them as an adult.
  7. I miss Win 7. It was pretty much the most optimized iteration of the OS. Everything after that was unnecessary bells-and-whistles/privacy infringement/Internet-Explorer-rebranded-as-Edge-force-feed bullshit.
  8. My brain doesn't work and I'm a stupid (Me specifically)
  9. That looks like the re-designed default pistol from Project Brutality. (The longevity of classic Doom cannot be understated. Countless mods and a still-active community nearly three decades later.)
  10. Cue all the Trumpatriots denouncing COVID-19 as totally fake but decrying 9/11 as the most devastating attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor (2,977)
  11. Saw that on IG last night. Gotta love how the guy holds the rifle like Rambo (with the stock under the armpit rather than rested against the shoulder) and the lady assumes the Karen stance, with one hand on the hip and the other hand pointing a handgun in lieu of the index finger. And their "house" looks more like a government building.
  12. Ugh. This year's election is gonna be messy no matter the outcome.
  13. Void Bastards is an underrated gem IMO. It also seems to lend itself to partial Duskers influence, which I still need to try.
  14. Spokane is arguably the most liberal part of inland WA. But it's also just outside the border with Idaho, which has historically been a white supremacist stronghold. But I'm not sure if that's where these toothless meth zombies are originally from.
  15. Jesus. They're like fucking zombies. And this is in Spokane. I've never seen shit like this in the many times I've visited.
  16. Tryna eat non-dairy Ben & Jerry's under the influence is like tryna carve out chunks of styrofoam packaging with a spoone and eeding it EDIT: I regret this post
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