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  1. Best to you, poly. I hope you can take some positives from your experiences. Or perhaps, that you can work through them so they don't keep you down and consider them useful. I'm sure a lot of people are very thankful for your efforts. Take care.
  2. Try "The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia" by Aleksandr Dugin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foundations_of_Geopolitics Doesn't help you create fake accounts. Just provides some geopolitical background. If you're looking for help to create chaos, you're on your own. ?
  3. I'll summarise your posts for the entire month. Or year perhaps.
  4. There's some reporting at NYT https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/31/us/george-floyd-protests-white-supremacists-antifa.html?action=click&module=RelatedLinks&pgtype=Article Conclusion: concrete evidence "something" is going on, but unclear what groups and why. Still under investigation. Antifah seems like a red herring. But we don't really know at this point.
  5. Faster! I hope you're not thinking I take my cues from Trump.... *triggered*
  6. Not so fast. Firstly it was about what is happening specifically during the nights. Second, it's not a ploy to degilitmize these protests when there's people coming in from outside the state with what appear to be completely different intentions. Should we simply ignore that? The core of these protests seem to be peaceful and aimed at police violence against black people. But a number of people appear to show up with completely different intentions. OK, nothing is happening. It's all fake news. Believe no one. Sure. That's also a way to deal with it.
  7. Although I'm hopeful for a "turn the tide" kind of development, I'm very sceptical. Can write a whole post about why, but I don't want to depress people. So I'm just keeping it to: don't keep your hopes up to high. Some reporting here that the nightly riots appear to be done by outside interest groups. Unclear which. Both signs of radical leftists and extreme right. Smells fishy. Couple of groups want to see the US burn. And it has nothing to do with racial inequality either, I'm guessing.
  8. I'm not sure whether showing support by romanticizing homelessness is helpfull. Perhaps the US is different, but in the rest of the western world homelessness and mental issues go hand in hand. Mental issues in combination with a series of critical, personal disasters (job loss, divorce, illness, etc ) lead to people ending up on the streets. How a society deals with homelessness says a lot about the quality of it's safety net. Just stating the obvious here. I just don't think you're helping anyone by admiring their ability to live off the grid though.
  9. Any info on this track? Just rediscovered it. Lovely stuff! Had it sitting on my HD from 2012. Supposedly posted on MySpace way earlier (2005). Reminds me of EOD. Or Wisp. Don't think it's AFX. Old/closed thread:
  10. hehe the irony of that meme: the US is apparently keeping distance. while the rest of the world is stuck on a boat. with a virus.
  11. The one and only version. Ultimate live version. Ironically at Pink Pop in the Netherlands. Read: bunch of white guys jumping to their tunes. ? Love those recent youtube react videos where a couple of black guys discover these tunes. Their followers were mainly white first world kids. Ooooo the irony. You can thank capitalism for that as well hahaha
  12. Wasn't this the second tweet they did that, or something? I remember the first was a fact-check warning.
  13. Glad they did. Interesting to see how this will end. Expecting another TRumplosion in 3... 2... 1...
  14. Is this going to be a pillow talk cast with Lex and Whitney? Are they a thing? Or did he build her. She's got that android kinda look, so possible
  15. Why is this still a thing?
  16. Thread is currently being flooded with early 90s German trance/techno. ?
  17. Yeah, Occam's razor is the father of Hanlon. Occam tells you to take the most simple explanation. Hanlon tells you which one: stupidity. I believe you can buy both razors in a single set at the explanation store.
  18. Not just for the money, I believe. He had a connection with at least one of the people who made the original version. One Ralf Hertwig. They did a couple stuff together. Most importantly in Palais Schaumburg. Where they also worked with Thomas Fehlmann. But they also had some success in a group called Marathon. Some of you might recognise the Movin' track. Most likely from some of the samples used. Here's the remix made by the Orb (Fehlmann and Patterson) In case you're wondering WHY?, here's why I'm bugging you with these details. Ralf Hertwig also did a project called Pe
  19. Just came across the remix made by none other than Moritz Von Oswald. Yeah, the Basic Channel guy. It's fairly typical 1993 trance stuff. I'm confused. As he already must have been producing his Basic Channel type stuff by that time.
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