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  1. the irony is even bigger when you realise miller is jewish
  2. Even a good review from Antonie Chilltano. Too bad the digitals are these one hour single tracks. I prefer Matmos in smaller doses sprinkled through a playlist. O well...
  3. Trump currently in the 3rd spot of Us' deadliest wars. If you count the corona epidemic as a war, that is. Still some way to go to WWII and the civil war. Trump has the potential though. Never underestimate him.
  4. A comic sans type font? Dank synth wave ae albums confirmed! Lovely to add Olivia Newton John to the mix as well.
  5. Biden should do a deal with Trump: Biden does a drug test if Trump releases his full - longform! - taxes! Seems like a fair deal to me ;D
  6. Probably reposts. If so: my excuses. Anime from 1988 heavily inspired by Moebius. The anime itself starts 6 mins in. In case you were wondering why it doesn't start like a usual anime. You know, with drawings and all that. But that's psychedelic of course. The Moebius influence makes it psychedelic all by itself. Would have been better with a better soundtrack. You'd be better off to do that yourself. Turn down the volume of the youtube and play tunes over it. ;D The short cartoon made by Dali and Disney:
  7. If it does, it's the good kind of confusion. Keeps people thinking! ;D It's confusing anyhow, as there's also a Trump thread which is basically about the same.. Might as well combine these into the uber 2020 election thread. If Biden wins, we can delete it in order to forget this nonsense ever happened. It was all a bad dream...
  8. More great dance music!? What has he done since LFO? Sincere question, btw. Any good post-LFO tunes?
  9. need some better fitting diapers? please keep yourself clean and tidy, leaky boy.
  10. I heard they're going to record a new episode of Game of Thrones. They're going to follow the president after the outcome of the 2020 election has become official. I think Donald might get shot by his youngest son Barron, because he is in love with his mother Melanie and can't stand Trump grabbing her by the pu##y. Or Donald will be beheaded during a riot, Khadaffi style.
  11. Two albums eh? That must mean one album with club tunes. And one for the chill-out room. Like them good old days. Ae doing a 4tothefloor club album... boomtsssboomtsss
  12. Some words of encouragement (to hurry the f up!) https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/usps-mail-in-ballot-guidelines-2020-election/
  13. All evidence seems to point towards a pizza hut with a basement, dear Qanon.
  14. i think you forgot radical left, law/order (wrt blm) and the brilliant success of his corona efforts (i kid you not. he'll probably say US is the best when it comes to dealing with corona) but, does it really matter what he says? edit: and don't forget all the brilliant plans which will be presented in the next month or so. he's got a brilliant plan for healthcare (the best!), the economy, tsjina, isreal, north korea. and something with less taxes! no details but they will come in some not so distant future. as ever.
  15. Loved that. In 2016 talking about deplorables was considered politically incorrect (hrc backlash) and people were bending in various ways to try to respect the trump voters and to take them seriously. Nowadays, not so much. They're f-ing deplorables.
  16. Yeah, been following him for a while now. At first I was put off a bit by the russian accent and the amateurish feel. Always be wairy about talking heads on youtube. I'm not sure when, but after a couple of videos this guy seemed legit. The way he can explain complex recent scientific papers is pretty rare. He puts things in a broader context. And makes it look easier than it is. As the scientific papers tend to be fairly technical and often incomprehensible if you lack that context. Which makes it more than just some random guy on youtube sharing his opinions on stuff he just happened to read
  17. Not sure why they won't do a digital release first and physical later. Like they've already done in the past. Difficult enough to create some income for artists during these times. Just put it out there already. Minimal logistics required, i reckon.
  18. Great! And how about a Jake Slazenger Makesanotherracket ?
  19. The real title -supposedly - is: 24 FAKE VACCINES FOR CASH (BILLIONS 4 GATES AND SOROS MIX)
  20. Guess someone found a couple of Trumps love letters for Poetin
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