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  1. What the fuck!? How!? That's so depressing. Rip
  2. It's looked like that for ages hasn't it? Maybe I'm just imagining that to be the typs Tool look.
  3. Hahahah! I wish I could get just as excited about roads You can tell from his vocal patterns he's well... has very intense interests. Yeah I always wonder about people who get into things you wouldn't think would be interesting to anyone... like rock collecting or trainspotting. I wish I had that mindset, of being happy with simpler things. It's fascinating. But also the sound of him orgasming because of a road is funny to me. It's got everything. You'll laugh, cry, it'll change your life.
  4. S'alright technically ae's LP5 is untitled so it's not really theft. All the same this new track's bit average. up yr game saschsasw
  5. I think I like poutine more than Amon Tobin. But then I really love poutine so Amon shouldn't feel bad.
  6. Yeah I'll give you that. Just makes you sound like a four year old.
  7. 'loosing' when you mean 'losing' might be the most annoying typo out there. The word just looks wrong.
  8. I'd say "hey baby, read the rules"
  9. I've always found Tobin a bit frustrating. Some of his tunes are brilliant and they're pretty much all amazing on a technical level but there's usually something missing for me. Foley Room was the most emblematic of that, really great sounds but nothing really driving the tunes forward that much. Will probably check this out but I still haven't heard ISAM lol?
  10. I actually love Helicopter and LingAM. I struggled with Helicopter at first but it grew on me, there's sort of a rough, manic energy to it that I quite enjoy. LingAM was colourful and fun and I liked it on first listen. Long gone are the days of the experimentation of the early albums, but their discograpy is still really consistent. That new track sounded pretty good but I found it a little unengaging, still looking forward to the new album anyway. I want new Plateau though, something closer to Spacecake, didn't really rate the album that came out same time as Helicopter.
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