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  1. More WATMM scientology, Where All Thetan Musings Manifest.
  2. Isn't this basically the core philosophy of scientology?
  3. I also hope that they didn't steal music for their official releases again.
  4. This is out today! Thanks to anyone who has listened! Bandcamp: https://dollarstorekeyboard.bandcamp.com/album/the-ghost-is-clear Spotify: Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-ghost-is-clear/1580812697
  5. Hello! I have a new full length album out today on Bandcamp and all the big streaming services. It's more ambient and moody than my usual music. It starts off fairly pleasant with some Odd Nosdam inspired tracks but quickly gets kinda creepy and ends up quite claustrophobic by the end. I wrote this track by track on a Digitakt sampler because I wanted to have an ambient set that could be performed from just one machine. I think that added a little more cohesion to the record compared to my other stuff. Let me know if you like it! Bandcamp: The Ghost Is Clear | Dollarstore Keyboard (bandcamp.com) Spotify:
  6. Thanks friend, i'm happy to hear it!
  7. Hey! I have a new album out in one week (10-10-21). I have a video i'd like to share of 2 tracks from it. Jerohme Spye made the visuals and i think they turned out really cool.
  8. Andre 3000 - "Bagpipes and 808s" is expected late 2026
  9. I find the synths unpleasant. These "anonymous" series releases on AF, FE, ETC all sound interchangeable. IMO the music is as cliche and obvious as the premise.
  10. WOW the third song on the preview... shoulda called this series "UNLISTENABLE".
  11. Sounds like any random BOC fan tribute album you'd find on a forum like Twoism.
  12. Youtube took down the stream archive due to copyright claim. There is now a playlist of the individual sets that have been uploaded.
  13. Thanks so much for listening! I really appreciate your kind feedback 🙂 It makes me happy to know that you're enjoying it! If you prefer those calmer songs you will hopefully enjoy all the music i'm planning for the next year! I've been focusing on ambient and dance tunes recently.
  14. Hello again! I have compiled a full length live-album out of sets from 2021 streaming events like "Brainrave". I wanted to put out a full length release of some favorite tunes to have a longer record out there. I was considering doing a "best of" kind of thing but settled on releasing live extended tracks instead. I went very light on the post-production because i wanted it to sound as much as possible as the way it does while i'm performing. I hope you enjoy!!! It's on bandcamp and also streaming on all the awful places like Spotify and Youtube. https://dollarstorekeyboard.bandcamp.com/album/live-from-the-dollarstore
  15. Jeez, it's not even on sale yet! Hopefully quantities are decent for this and they don't sell out in seconds.
  16. OMG thank you SO much for posting this. I have a copy of the promotional vinyl Shining soundtrack and it's my favorite piece of vinyl that i own but it doesn't sound the best. To just have the original Carlos tracks on a 7" is perfect too.
  17. omnii

    afx nft

    Truly his creative peak.
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