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  1. It was originally titled "Artificial intelligence Records Madrid is bUllshit" or something to that effect. They were saying that this record label is supposedly shady because they read some now deleted Reddit posts. The person also made a Fake instagram account and followed hundreds of people associated with AI records just to try and make them look bad. Now they are backtracking. I'm guessing this is because people are piecing together who it is. Probably an artist from the c0mpilation who is unhappy and has a history of online tantrums.
  2. Cheating them in what regard?
  3. Relistened to this and enjoyed the tunes even more the second time. I usually don't enjoy music that is overtly derivative of BOC. I originally wasn't sure if this was an intentional hoax or someones mix taken out of context because I had only skimmed the description. Reading the overly elaborate lore included kinda spoiled the overall fun for me but I'll probably revisit the music again.
  4. There was a follow up video. I didn't watch it but I did glance at the caption. A friend of mine did see it though. In the upload he visits the thrift store and shows his VCR/usb converter but doesn't actually show any footage of the tape playing on it. I believe the caption said that he would leave the video up so people could rip the audio and he definitely said the video is not for sale. Shortly after this upload appeared the entire channel was deleted. Kinda weird to go to the effort just to ditch the whole thing but maybe that's part of the lore this person is trying to create.
  5. I think this is the most likely scenario.
  6. Yeah the overexplained backstory is the least believable part of it. The less info the better for this kind of stuff.
  7. I found this interesting. If it's a hoax old BOC album kudos to whoever made it. There is a version of Boqurant at 14:20. It could easily be a cover or maybe even just pitched down but this is a fun listen regardless.
  8. Worst part is that deep down we all know that it's RDJ.
  9. More WATMM scientology, Where All Thetan Musings Manifest.
  10. Isn't this basically the core philosophy of scientology?
  11. I also hope that they didn't steal music for their official releases again.
  12. This is out today! Thanks to anyone who has listened! Bandcamp: https://dollarstorekeyboard.bandcamp.com/album/the-ghost-is-clear Spotify: Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-ghost-is-clear/1580812697
  13. Hello! I have a new full length album out today on Bandcamp and all the big streaming services. It's more ambient and moody than my usual music. It starts off fairly pleasant with some Odd Nosdam inspired tracks but quickly gets kinda creepy and ends up quite claustrophobic by the end. I wrote this track by track on a Digitakt sampler because I wanted to have an ambient set that could be performed from just one machine. I think that added a little more cohesion to the record compared to my other stuff. Let me know if you like it! Bandcamp: The Ghost Is Clear | Dollarstore Keyboard (bandcamp.com) Spotify:
  14. Thanks friend, i'm happy to hear it!
  15. Hey! I have a new album out in one week (10-10-21). I have a video i'd like to share of 2 tracks from it. Jerohme Spye made the visuals and i think they turned out really cool.
  16. Andre 3000 - "Bagpipes and 808s" is expected late 2026
  17. I find the synths unpleasant. These "anonymous" series releases on AF, FE, ETC all sound interchangeable. IMO the music is as cliche and obvious as the premise.
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