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  1. This goes well with an outdoor walk
  2. Also the Revenant, and a lot of the Harry Potter films (espec. POA)
  3. Dennis Rodman thanked Eddie Vedder on CNN. What is this
  4. Not enjoying this anywhere near the level of GOD. However, Toys 2 rocks, as does the title track. 5/10
  5. Yeah the singing is uncool. Actually it sounds like the kind of bad autotune that soundcloud rappers use.
  6. maxd98


    I'd never seen snow (apart from a really light dusting in NC). Then I moved up to Massachusetts a couple months ago and yesterday saw my first true snow. It was magical.
  7. saw live in providence. incredible live. bump.
  8. Bit unprecedented to have three (!) burial releases in one year, not to mention a couple remixes to boot!. Annoyed that I blew my money for Rodent, thinking that it would be the only decent burial output this year, but from what I've heard, indoors sounds really nice.
  9. I always felt like I care because you do was lacking something. just didn't know what. its not lacking anymore.
  10. maxd98

    Death Grips

    They're playing in Worcester, where I'll be living. But I'm not really a death grips fan so i dont care.
  11. This release has been moved up from a 2/10 to a 4/10 Beachfires has some pretty lush pads. That is all.
  12. Well looks like this snap election was a bad gamble for May. This is the same thing as Cameron's Folly (the brexit referendum). A ploy meant to shore up support that blew up in the PM's face. On to the coalitions!
  13. They had shipped it back to germany due to some snafu, but i finally have my hands on it. narkopop 11 is lusher than most of the album. I dig it hard.
  14. plz burial don't make me wait 10 fuckin years for a good beat driven ep
  15. I would imagine the cluster fuck that is RSD would be contributing to delays... Oh definitely. RSD is a giant mess. Went from a simple celebration of record stores to a bi-annual cash grab.
  16. Is there a way to see how backed up the pressing factories are? I wonder if that is the cause of the delay.... lol warp going "hey we need to repress ae" Pressing factory: "take a number" number is 538 warp: fuck. we'll announce it in 2 years
  17. BACK ON TOPIC.. Do you think that there will be more represses, going chronologically? Perhaps in groups of three like the previous. So the next ones would be Chiastic, LP5, and Confield?
  18. Don't care since I hate everything David Lynch does.
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