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  1. CIRCLONT14 [152.97] (shrymoming mix) is what i ment not been on this planet enough to remember names yet I still think it's Mouse Orgy. I just know Rich likes to get a bunch of mice together, dim the lights and play Syro at them until they get their funk on. cheers, I will picture little dancing mice instead of drug references
  2. CIRCLONT14 [152.97] (shrymoming mix) is what i ment not been on this planet enough to remember names yet
  3. have to get this out my head sorry, Circlont6a (Syrobonkus Mix) vocals sounds like MUSHAYED AAAMMM MUSHAYED
  4. played properly the other day, it is the shitest vinyl i own for the sound quality
  5. sorry people im way behind the times so my posts will be random as random can be but no disrespect to anyone at anytime. im a dick for doing this but just wanted to secure a copy as i have no money at this moment in time. i have never downloaded anything illegally so i thought a few pence here and there shouldn't hurt. i have had loads of great stuff direct from planet mu and if mike was so bothered he would have made it planet mu exclusive. i always support the artist not into this download shit, only started when the soundclown stuff was available but even then i would rath
  6. you can pre-order it cheaper on amazon than planet mu, also you don't have to pay until they ship it out.
  7. i would love some versions of further2 from meast. but still happy with what we have gotten so far from M.P
  8. my brother told me to watch the come to daddy vhs didn't like anything but metal untill i heard DONKEY RHUBARB and ON. now i only care about aphex twin because you do
  9. 2013 called, it wants its thread back Also hello, welcome to WATMM read the rules etc This content has been blocked because it does not comply with the acceptable usage policy. The request was logged. Category Piracy and Copyright Infringement, Safe Content Filetypes, Discussion Forums, Web Content, Music Group PN-Adult Proxy Access IP Reason Content of type Piracy and Copyright Infringement blocked: Content filtering URL http://forum.watmm.com/index.php?app=... cheers, sorry can't read the rules so i will tread carefully, don't on my own computer.
  10. I paid around $80 for the japan edition of this cd with the extra rediffusion disc on ebay just to hear forger and smear. i prfer to have the physical items even if it costs that much.
  11. has anyone watched continuum by DNA skateboards 1. Bucephalus Bouncing Ball - (JUST A LITTLE BIT OF THE TUNE) 2. To Cure A Weakling Child, Contour Regard - (EDITED) 3. Girl/Boy Song - (LITTLE BIT OF THE INTRO) 4. (CAT 00897-AA1) - (WOW THE FULL SONG ON END CREDITS) released in 2002 was/still is my favourite skate company and VHS ever (getting buried with it and my aphex collection) funny thing is on the credits it says one of the tunes is from I CARE BECAUSE YOU DO pretty good way to get you to buy another album.
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