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  1. mushroom

    elseq 1-5

    i wouldnt think of pretty much any autechre track as "summery' but yeah freulaeux mostly fits the bill
  2. mushroom


    Adding: Philadelphia Portland (last 30 minutes in particular is like WHOA)
  3. I don't feel like exercising today, and well, that's that.
  4. maphive 6.1 showed up on my youtube recs so that. great track.
  5. mushroom


    18 of 28 listened to, best ones so far: Atlanta Denver Los Angeles New York
  6. this sounds real nice. I might pick this up when I have some extra money
  7. it kicks ass pce freeze is the epitome of funk
  8. it means you're sane, congratulations
  9. mushroom


    decided to listen to this one just now at home cuz of this post and yeah agreed. esp. really incredible wob wobs in the wob wob section, had to get up and jump around for a bit
  10. i love you joutrex plz dont steal muh cookies
  11. thers now two dead web forums i frequent that dont have up to date security certificates. unnaccetable. Unacceptable.
  12. mushroom


    ooh yeah, los angeles.... I remember liking Denver a lot too
  13. my ac is off and getting fixed rn and its hot as balls
  14. finally cooked the salmon fillet that's been sitting thawing in my fridge since like monday
  15. drinking and watching twitch streams
  16. mushroom


    been listening to these in my car off a usb stick in alphabetical order cuz thats just how the files are named and get sorted, and it's weird to hear Krakow and how the majority of it is taken up by what is in roughly the first half of the other sets. I thought about scripting up a mass rename script to put the dates first but eh cba
  17. yeah, stupid other languages...
  18. finally, I know what WATMM stands for after all these years...
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