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  1. I wouldn't count on this lol. It's pretty rare for Aphex to approve being filmed for livestream. The only Aphex live stream in recent memory was the NTS field day stream. Coachella has livestreamed every event for the past 5 years to YouTube. I'm very confident they will do it this year as well.
  2. Not going to Coachella because I can just stream it from home in HD lol
  3. hyped for the 2nd brooklyn show going to be massive
  4. Uploaded on Squarepusher's YouTube channel yesterday, taken from an interview in 2016
  5. This opener to EOD's mix isn't AFX, is it? I don't recall this ever being in the SC dump.
  6. Gonna scoop the CtD t-shirt. Everything else looks weird idk
  7. https://www.elsewherebrooklyn.com/events/2019-01-11-magic-city-w-flava-d-luke-vibert-salva-jubilee-moistbreezy-dj-set/ definitely going for round 2 with this one
  8. Overall Club2Club was an awesome festival. Friday was a little boring besides Elena Colombi and Skee Mask - Saturday was much better with Benoise, DJ Nigga Fox, and ? who I think was Kode9. ? played jungle and heavy house music for 3 hours after AFX. Though, ? was supposed to be Thom Yorke performing his new album according to this girl who came up to me with a survey. Sunday was excellent. Went to this beautiful Palace for the closing ceremony and raved in a cathedral. Insane amounts of reverb but it was a super cool atmosphere to rave in. DJ Nigga Fox played for 30 minutes at the end and seemed abrupt. Awesome seeing you Phudoshin and thank you to all of the cool people I met (Leroy, Christiano, Stefan/Ana, Hunter, and whoever else I forgot to mention)
  9. Holy crap. I just got back. I cannot believe what he dropped tonight. Mt1 papat clionen phloam and Gwety Mernans. I cannot believe he played Mernans live. I did not hear or remember tha and stone in focus live. That was one of the best shows I've ever seen
  10. Agreed. Wish they had more things to do in the festivL. Also, Thom Yorke is apparently the '?' because some girl came up to me with a survey for the event and told me it was him.
  11. Flying in tomorrow to Zurich then training the rest of the way there. See you guys this weekend Me and Kat will be in snareup discord if anyone wants to meet up.
  12. Very stoked about this. The happening is soon. Should all we meet?
  13. Threads like these are the reason why I still browse WATMM
  14. Just got back from his final US show at Good Room. FaltyDL played downtempo stuff, BOC, Drukqs, Tuss. Luke played an amazing set. 2 hours of groovy dancy acid while he smoked probably 50+ joints and drank 50+ beers. Danced with dr. Lopez for a bit (good seeing you again man). Closed out his set with awesome old skool jungle. Got him to sign my Turn record which I cannot believe. And shout-out to the defunkt crew. Sorry I cut my condo short on you guys. Grape night
  15. Going with a friend, I'll be wearing a light blue button down shirt and dark blue jeans. Hope to see you there.
  16. Vibert's last show is tomorrow in Brooklyn. Anyone wanna meet up tmrw?
  17. Idk if this has been mentioned or realized already but the tracks line up with when they were played during the 2016-2017 tour. And Pthex was played in Japan (japan always gets bonus tracks) 80 IQ
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