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  1. way too much money for a eurotour unfortunately. only planning on seeing him domestically if he comes to the states
  2. damn im in the states -- maybe if we wait, he will announce multiple shows like he did in 2018 and come to USA. wish i could do it
  3. Out of the 3 shows I've been to (elsewhere, good room, and this good room) this was by far his best set. Dropped tuss fredugolon 6, my red hot car, dscape unreleased remix, digideroo, old Plug, and a bunch more. Only played for an hour and currently waiting for my ride home. Thanks Luke.
  4. Coincidentally on the island for vacation and just saw that he's playing Brooklyn. Gonna be great to see him again after 4 years when he played Good Room back in 2018. Now my vacation got a whole lot better!
  5. sean a furry confirmed uploading the VOD to youtube now. Give it some time. It's processing on their end now.
  6. thank you sean. also i uploaded the entire AMA on my youtube channel just check the link i posted b4
  7. sean's expansive knowledge and variety of movie's and music tastes are insane
  8. he has a bot that doesn't allow you to post the word "sean" in his chat
  9. you don't pay to have them highlighted -- you use channel points which you get from watching the channel.
  10. Uploaded all current VOD's -- they are processing now and should work within the hour.
  11. "buncha dudes in North Face's" I already downloaded the past vod's and am uploading to youtube now.
  12. that was great thanks sean
  13. Saving up for this please do not outbid me thanks
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324924075156?hash=item4ba6fbec94:g:-EIAAOSwwpZhnCAw One just hit the market again
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324924075156?hash=item4ba6fbec94:g:-EIAAOSwwpZhnCAw
  16. Ace job loving this xxx. I'll have this on loop tomorrow playing Rust.
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