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  1. Does anyone have a Acid Memories cassette?
  2. Whaddup with the hate on TH? I think it’s their best work to date. The desolate, empty and dark feeling that record has is unmatched to their previous work. Just my opinion.
  3. Wow. Very exciting! I cannot wait until these soundwaves hit my earlobes.
  4. http://www.rephlex.com/ It's back up fam
  5. hmmmmmmmmz so Whitley has a tape????? Review please ..... it's ok 2/10
  6. He just played at the MoMa PS1 in Long Island city. He was scheduled for a 30 minute set but came on for a little less than 20. He played about 4 songs. Crowd went nuts when he left and kept chanting his name when he ran off the stage at the end of his last song "...And The Rain". Amazing set. Here's my video from last week: Very excited to see another album by the guy.
  7. How much did u pay for the tape If u don't mind me asking? Side b has beautiful japanese people
  8. Hi guys, I didn't know tapes had a B side until just now. So there might be more than 4 full tracks on it.
  9. 1. im sorry im sorry, yeah it was wrong for me to do it. i should of deleted the original post 2. yes i was going to review it last night but i went to bed. And now im awake and can review it. patience people patience. ok i listened to it. i don't usually review things (let alone first listens) but the tape has many syrobonker tracks. Some of em are pretty lowtempo chill listenable tracks. Some of em are earpiercing and bothersome. There are I think 4 full upbeat songs on it that feels like they came from the syro era. The talking2u mix is the same track off of the store. There is 1 track that sounds like a produk29 remix/outtake. iz real gud too. Same bpm and very similar drums i think. There was 1 really good track on there that caught my ear and the other 3 tracks were chilled out but still very good. I brought the tape to work so I will listen again today and probably edit this so far the tape is a 6/10, 5 comes from one of the amazing tracks and the 1 comes from some of the chilled out tracks. so 5+1 = 6 so i give it a 6. once again i only listened to it once and i don't rememebr half the shit on it (like the helsinki set still). I will listen to it a few more times this week and talk about it more on the radio show this saturday. is this how you review stuff? 3. !!!! 4. A meechy catfish doesn't have a dick
  10. I'm gonna go back and try to piece it together, it's tough to know when a track ends and begins, still listening...
  11. This is why I don't want to do it. It feels wrong. You might also consider the consequences if your rip is promoted here on this site... Perma-Papa Ban The cassette is mainly syrobonker tracks with 1 amazing track so far. And one of em has Richard blowing into a recorder like a shitty 5 year old. And talkin2u mix2 +9
  12. This is why I don't want to do it. It feels wrong.
  13. I've been juggling the idea of leaking it and can probably do this tonight..... but I have this nagging feeling that there's gonna be a backlash from some party. I don't wanna get on anyone's bad side, esp. richys. Though, I assume he knows that it would leak onto the internet EVENTUALLY. I'm going to a client tonight and he has a nice cassette player I can borrow and use so I won't have time to do it until tomorrow morning. Not all meechy catfish's wear capes. Joyrex plz don't ban me. IDK what to do
  14. I got a copy of it should I rip it guys?
  15. MfM has as much of a release chance as Half Life 3 does
  16. Allright!:D What,s the second thing though??? Another potential Aphex merch opportunity this Friday in Finland... I don't know either way if there is going to be merch offered at that festival or not. I will let everyone know first if there is or is not new AFX stuff from Finland.
  17. can't see this happening though. He rarely (if ever) does collab album/tracks. would be cool to see though
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