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  1. which aleksi track was that? https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/track/uk74r1721031-2 Must of just missed you Lopez. Would of said hi if I saw you or bumped into you. Until next time:)
  2. Amazing set. Great to meet some new faces. Loved the faces, the lasers and good sound too.
  3. Reporting from the pit. Opener Aeisha? Is really good. Downtempo industrial stuff. Good night so far.
  4. Shit is more imminent now than my last post see you all there. If anyone wants to meet up DM me.
  5. Getting closer. Anyone for the idea of a meet up ?
  6. For everyone landing in ISP airport and taking the Ronkonkoma train to Jamaica or Penn, I welcome you with this: Make sure to stop by any deli and pick up one of Long Island's signature "bacon egg and cheese" sandwiches or bagels with 1lb of butter in between the rolls.
  7. I didn't suffer:) https://www.avant-gardner.com/venue/ Most likely happening in the Great Hall warehouse indoors.
  8. Glad they released the New York set. The church's acoustics was awful.
  9. Idk if this has been mentioned or realized already but the tracks line up with when they were played during the 2016-2017 tour. And Pthex was played in Japan (japan always gets bonus tracks) 80 IQ
  10. https://hearthis.at/solidsoundfm/luke-vibert-interview-on-solidsoundfm/
  11. IDK wether to be grateful... or disappointed. The track is awesome, but if I'm not disappointed or angry, I would possibly be banished from WATMM for opposing views. @#$_&-+()/*"':;!?!;:'"*/)(+-&_$#@
  12. I saw it on their official YouTube page. It might be a regional thing. Try using a VPN to check it.
  13. They're updating their YouTube page playlists.
  14. I missed the first one but I will see the 2nd one. I hope they drop some of the unreleased tracks from the 2015 tour.
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