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  1. Ulrich Schnauss will shortly be releasing Now Is A Timeless Present, a career retrospective boxset. Having reaquired all of the rights to his catalogue a couple of years back, Ulrich set about remastering all of his albums to date, with quite substantial reworking done to his most recent two albums, 'A Long Way To Fall' and 'No Further Ahead Than Today'. Alongside his previously released albums there will be a new release, 'Now Is A Timeless Present,' featuring previously unreleased and disparate material. It wil be available to buy digitally from the 6th December with a physical release to follow in January. Click me
  2. So glad to finally hear Water Under The Bridge, it's excellent!
  3. Miwon is finally releasing a follow-up to 'A to B' this April on the n5MD label. I'm really looking forward to hearing this as Miwon is favourite of mine, as the first track from the album, 'Fuzzy Words', sounds great. I'm having trouble embedding the player, so here's the link to the track on bandcamp: https://n5md.bandcamp.com/track/fuzzy-words
  4. Track in the trailer sounds brilliant, I'm very much looking forward to hearing the full album.
  5. Saw these releases on bandcamp earlier today. Very much enjoying what I'm hearing.
  6. Picking this one up for sure; samples are great and you can't go wrong with a bit of Loscil!
  7. I'm really quite enjoying the new album, though that first track is shit and feels completely out of place next to everything else.
  8. Oh sweet, I had no idea this was coming. Shanel is one fucking awesome piece of music. Can't wait to hear this album in its entirety!
  9. The one-two punch of this into "Thoughtless Motion" is one of the best 10-minute stretches of an album this year. 100% agreed, absolutely killer pairing of tracks. A little bit of info: for some reason Domino records are not going to be releasing the new album stateside like they were going to. This may have something to do with the apparent disappearance of a lot of Ulrich's material on Spotify for US listeners, but maybe there is some other rights issue at play.
  10. Try somewhere other than bleep maybe? I think it is available in America right now (at least I have American friends on Facebook who are listening to it and I don't think they've pirated it). I'm in the UK and it's available freely over here.
  11. Just got done listening to this and I'm currently on my second play through. I adore all of Ulrich's output but this is his finest album to date; it's the album of 2016 for me. Fucking glorious!
  12. I must admit to being ignorant of Jenny Hval's output, though that's an error I'll be fixing ASAP. I came across this whilst browsing boomkat this morning and the samples blew my mind; it's some of the best music I've heard this year. Samples can be found at the link below: https://boomkat.com/products/blood-bitch-7f4e0b52-bb87-4229-84c9-d576a99ec2aa
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