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  1. I downloaded Live 11 and as I suspect it hardly runs. I'm using 1 VST and some drums and its buffering. Ridiculous.
  2. Check it out yo. Just bought an official Seefeel T-Shirt 'Quique' design. Looks awesome. Looking forward to receiving it!!! 'Quique' T-shirt (blue or white) | Seefeel (bandcamp.com)
  3. Fair point. Yeah Covid I notice has bumped up the price of hardware. I still push for bargains tho. I actually bought a Yamaha Reface CS for £90 which isn't too bad considering they retail for £270. It's a decent little synth and really well built.
  4. I pay for Youtube Premium that way I can play tunes without any hassle walking about or down the street or at home or wherever. For me Youtube smashes all the other services for music.
  5. Thanks man. This was a long time back! I used to record everything to tape even though mp3 was around. I can't even remember why I did that now lol.
  6. Banging!!! My only thoughts is the bass could have bit more sub weight but its sounds pretty decent though.
  7. Anyone using Live 10 and 11 at the same time? Is it easy to open projects and pretty much mirror settings from 10 to 11 so you don't loose anything. I'm keen to download 11 for 3 months free ha ha!!!
  8. Nah not for me. I just upload my tunes to Youtube generally. 🙂 I've been on Youtube since 2006 so it's been a long long time. I do have videos where I'm in it but they're usually always about equipment with me demonstrating it poorly ha ha!!!
  9. I'm tending to prefer Youtube these days for uploading tunes. I know its a bit of a pain having to create a video even its basic but I'm finding the audience is bigger etc and there's no limit. I'm just not seeing a huge benefit in Soundcloud much anymore. Certainly not prepared to pay £7.50 when I already have a Youtube Premium account!!! Thoughts???
  10. Awesome that's great that you're feeling enthusiastic about your tunes man. Nice one!
  11. Thanks man. Niceness!!! Cheers.
  12. Love it man. Beats are fire!!! Only hearing it through Laptop speakers so I'm guessing there's some sub under there too. Could do with a hook otherwise very nice.
  13. I've seen that a few times. It's novel but it just doesn't sound that nice lol. These Yamaha FM synths are dime a dozen though I see them all the time in second hand ads because no one wants them!!
  14. This looks nice apparently it's going to be 128 voice polyphony etc. Hope it's 16 part multi timbral too!!!
  15. Wait I see it retails for £888 for Kodamo Essence FM MKII – Thomann UK. Any idea what the import tax is on this thing???
  16. That thing is a beast. I think it'd be ace to get one second hand for maybe £600-800 seeing as they retail for £1200!!!
  17. Thanks Chim!! Anyone else enjoyed this one? Cheers.
  18. Some more old ass breakcore I discovered on some tapes. I found the beats quite fun to listen to. I wouldn't make this style these days as its too fast for most folk but jungle is still good to go. Anyways enjoy!!! The Bro - Breakcore Quickie (from 15-20 years ago).mp3 The Bro - Let's Rock (from 15-20 years ago).mp3
  19. And another one from the same time period with same equipment!!! Enjoy. The Bro - Got Styles (from 15 - 20 Years Ago) by The Bro (soundcloud.com)
  20. Really old tune from 15-20 years ago. Taken from tape so you have to excuse the quality. Enjoy!!!! Made on Cubase VST with a Korg 05r/w!!!! Listen to The Bro - Copycat (from 15 - 20 Years Ago) by The Bro on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/yN3ji
  21. Yeah that's a little out of my price range lol. I may just use an extra large cable as I have a mini hifi with cassette tape player in it but its fair from the pc.
  22. Hi guys looking for something decent to buy to play some old tapes and record stuff into Audacity. I got a shedload of old tunes on tape ha ha.
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