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  1. All I can say is these Luke Vibert tracks rock!!!
  2. Sounds dope to me. £150 is a no brainer especially with the individual outs!!
  3. I did a jungle tune recently and the sub was fine but on other tunes it'll be faint and fundamentally I can't see a huge difference in the breaks and sounds I'm using. Thanks for the advise anyways!! 🙂
  4. That's strange I wonder why it won't work on my Laptop. 😞
  5. Fonky man!!! Really like this soundtrack its cheesy but fun to listen to.
  6. Windows Defender keeps blocking it and automatically deleting the .exe file. Nothing I do can change that. I used it before the latest updates and it was fine. Very strange.
  7. Some fresh ass jungle straight out The Bro lab. Let us know what you think peeps!!! Cheers. The_Bro_-_Trumpeting_It_(Demo).mp3
  8. Nah I've always wanted some sort of Spring Reverb whether its hardware or software for dub mainly. I'm trying some dub at the moment lol.
  9. EON OMG wowee. This is super lush!!! Really diggin this one. Wasn't sure about the first tune but this one flipping heck really nice man! Not sure about the heavy amen tho as I think it seemed a bit out of place and there was too much reverb on it. I would have preferred a more simple hip hop beat but can't really complain as the music is so nice.
  10. Hi my view is that although I can hear potential in some of these tunes. They seem to take too long evolve and don't tend to progress enough. Also I feel like their drums are a bit too lofi and lacking clarity so would be hard to mix with. Sorry if I sound a little harsh but just thought I'd offer some words for you. My favourite was June 19. 🙂
  11. Version 2 with a bit more variation on the drums. Again would really love some comments / feedback. Thanks in advance!!! The_Bro_-_Harmony_Jungle_(demo).mp3
  12. Something fresh from me. This time some deep jungle vibes. Please let me know what you think and whether I should continue with it? Cheers all!! The_Bro_-_Harmony_Jungle_(demo).mp3
  13. Very cool. Those chords are super lush. Beat was pretty wild. Not usually my kinda vibe beatwise but very impressed with this. Sound design and the way everything flows is pretty excellent.
  14. Very unique. Dig this. Such a strange type of sound.
  15. I'll admit I really don't know what I'm doing. One second my subs cut through next minute especially with an amen you can't hear shit of them!!! Thoughts??? Cheers all.
  16. This one has had some reasonable plays but it doesn't 100% represent what I do lol.
  17. Interested in strictly deep and uplifting flavours and oldskool vibes lol. Anyways post your tunes in this thread for me. Soundcloud links only please. Thanks in advance!!!
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