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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOypSnKFHrE
  2. mojave it's like neil breen watched the justin theroux parts of mulholland drive and read camus and decided to make a movie about those two things. i have no idea why this exists, how it got made, why mark wahlberg is in it, why the two central characters end every sentence with the word "brother", going so far as to call a little dog "brother". i don't know if this is supposed to be satire, parody, serious, arty...i'm totally lost. excruciating. if some film nerd tells you a24 is the only good thing about movies anymore, show him this and ruin his day.
  3. all drill did was coincide with a lot of stuff moving to digital and the ability to do really crazy things with the structure and sound design of the music. i don't understand the issue. to me the late 90s-early 2000s is the platonic ideal of whatever idm is supposed to be. i love the 92-95 era as well, it's magical as far as rdj is concerned, but something like go plastic (i know it was supposedly not made on a computer) or drukqs feels like these artists finally being able to fully realize their creative aspirations. saying all that, saw ii is still his best. also, to reply to the op, i'm not sure about the differences between on versions. i've gone all digital over the years and used to own the american maxi and i remember on always sounding a little shrill, but most of his work from that era has sort of difficult trebly sounds. i'm not a huge fan of classics for this reason. but i figure that's intentional. there's something very industrial about the harsh end of aphex's output from that period. where would i find the other version of on? also analogue bubblebath 3 (or 3.1) on cd, the american one (i think) with the clear jewel case has the worst mastering of any aphex release. very hard for me to listen on headphones.
  4. Send it to the New York Times, care of James Comey. “America deserves to see this.”
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqayDnQ2wmw
  6. hostiles I don’t like Scott coopers movies and this one is no exception. pretty interesting performance from bale and a lot of talented actors (wed studi, Timothee chalamet) are wasted on another solemn, dreary morality tale. it isn’t even historically accurate. by 1892 the Comanche had all but been wiped out and driven to reservations, especially in Colorado. And a number of army men were sympathetic to the plight of the indigenous people despite doing a job that destroyed them. This movie also has very poor optics. The entire story focuses on the inner turmoil of a white officer, and the native characters are relegated to background roles where they barely speak. There is some respect to the language and I liked that they didn’t overdo the stoic tribesman trope, but even bales character arc is unbelievable and doesn’t make any internal sense. Big waste of time, too bad because there’s endless material to mine for a movie about this period where both sides are given their due. Read “the earth is weeping” if you want a good overview of the Indian wars that’s also way more absorbing and dramatic than this.
  7. the rover this was very impressive. pearce gives his strongest performance, all simmering ptsd and rage until it finally boils over in the last scenes into something redemptive and cathartic. but it's so incredibly nuanced. pattinson is a bit more over the top, sputtering out his lines, twitching, somewhere between disabled and maybe a little mentally ill, but he still drew a lot of sympathy. the movie exists in everything not said, but its minimalism isn't a put on because of how strong the performances are. a viewer doesn't need any explanation of what has happened in this society because it could easily take place in africa or southeast asia today. the point is these people are all victims of their circumstances, and pearce, while a self admitted murderer, seems to be shouldering a metaphorical burden for everyone else in the movie. i was extremely moved by his last scene with pattinson, when he starts to well up in front of the old man, finding release in his empty gaze.
  8. if that's true then all plunderphonics is proto vaporwave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpRh1PnQHM0
  9. can we reopen the jordan peterson thread?
  10. zaphod


    i find this slowed down version fits my headspace better these days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lknrWK_rhb4
  11. i like scrolling through it and getting to the ad for "g herbo's favorite verse: lil wayne's ride for my niggas" with animated lyrics about pigeons in the ocean. really brings home writing like this: i didn't even realize this is the same writer as the chromeo review. this jesse dorris person is trolling right?
  12. wew lads pitchfork looks back, gives fat of the land a 5.9 https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/the-prodigy-the-fat-of-the-land/
  13. i don't get the praise for this at all. it's pretty terrible.
  14. i'm always disappointed by how unimaginative descriptions of electronic music are. whenever i read the words "cold" or "icy" i roll my eyes. also a lot of descriptions i've read here on watmm where people say autechre makes them visualize robots building things or robots fighting or whatever. i never really think about stuff like that when i hear this music. it's more abstract, and then sometimes incredibly specific. to me autechre is very much about space, rooms, architecture, vast spaces and vistas forming and receding. there's an emotional core to a lot of their music, although it's the subtler and more mild emotion of a lot of great electronic music, more of a heightened awareness of truth as some kind of universal melancholy. a vision of the sublime.
  15. this is what i thought the thread was proposing
  16. what the fuck is this thread about
  17. the leftovers was both completely hilarious and retarded and also one of the greatest tv shows ever.
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