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  1. Dang it, in that spoiler I had re-worded it and meant to say "towards" and forgot to remove "against". That looks hilarious now.
  2. Regarding Solyaris, I've always found the film visually impressive (it's Tarkovsky, that goes without saying). With that said, I have a lot of issues with the "sci-fi" aspects of the film: Still worth a watch.
  3. He should have known this is a futile quest as Ayn Rand is already dead. Silly elephant. Also, who in the fuck has a midlife crisis where they think it's a good idea to dress like Matt Drudge?! Even as a republican!
  4. I would focus on the inclusion of the term "bourgeois feminism" in your post, specifically the feminism part. I think it could be removed entirely and and just focus on either "bourgeois", or more directly, "class structure" and then take out the "feminism of the masses" part entirely and I'd agree with the sentiment. I don't know if there's such a thing as "feminism of the masses", without grouping several people of the same economic class who nonetheless have various other crucial differences which must be recognized. That's my point about intersectionality, and conversely, how these va
  5. I'm saying that feminism is far too broad of a subject and movement to equate to something as broad as capitalism. At least not without a lot of acknowledgement of the schisms therein. Without acknowledging those schisms, it (potentially inadvertently, potentially not) allows for many categorical dismissals of feminism that aren't justified. In fact, those dismissals are a major systemic function of misogyny and always has been.
  6. The notion of Occupy Wall Street being this ideal means of modern protest/uprising/revolution/transcendence of anything will always be absurd to me. It was like the wealthy fake-woke youth version of a Mormon Mission. The participants were far from an adequate representation of this country in any conceivable way and that was the seed of their (justified) failure. Also the comparison used here between Occupy Wall Street and JP Morgan having a pride parade float is incredibly off-base. Hilarious to me as well as I marched with my dad's company on behalf of lgbtq+ rights in the early 90's a
  7. "We went on because Boris Johnson said it was cool!" is weak as shit.
  8. This is a major issue in the U.S. as well.
  9. iOptigan has also been made free and I highly recommend it: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ioptigan/id1143470101
  10. It would be fun to play "Box Energy" and "Can You Feel It" as defensive evidence in this court case.
  11. You're stuck at home. Listen to last night's show. It's packed full of new music to explore: Direct download available here: https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-13-mar-2020/ 1. Chaos in the CBD feat. Nathan Haines & Dave Koor “Emotional Intelligence”, Emotional Intelligence/It’s Up to Me single, Neroli, 2019 2. Kerri Chandler “Bar A Thym”, Bar A Thym/Sunshine & Twilight single, Nite Grooves, 2005 3. Hooverian Blur “Laluviah”, Old Gold EP, Sneaker Social Club, 2020 4. Mor Elian “Planet Kismet”, Clairvoyant Frog EP, Visible Spectrum, 2020 5. Dauwd “J
  12. Kinda feels ominous that this press conference is being held outdoors.
  13. Ah ok hadn't checked them. Were they maybe referring to the Brazilian press secretary? He was diagnosed with COVID-19 and there are pictures of him in contact with Trump at Mar-a-Lago within the past few days. So yeah, I guess ultimately it doesn't matter. Trump and likely most of his immediate contacts in his administration have been exposed, for sure.
  14. Stephanie Grisham? I just did a quick search and found no reports on this. This is a big deal if true.
  15. The idea that any of your posts in this thread have actual value is absurd. You have just given short dismissive responses. If you wanted to give something that actually resembles a nuanced call for considering other potential issues than COVID-19, then why didn't you supply this response initially? Your initial responses before this absolutely imply "shit human" type dismissive and harmful attitudes when people are trying to exercise a NECESSARY caution at this time.
  16. Nothing you have posted in this thread comes anywhere near that word.
  17. They just postponed an NBA game in Oklahoma City about 1 minute before it was set to tip off. Arena full of fans. That's unheard of.
  18. Not the sexiest thing in the world but how did I last so long without an Evolution uc-33?! Those things + iPad synths = the business.
  19. Von Sydow's good in all the Bergman stuff he was in. I esp. liked him in The Virgin Spring. RIP
  20. Well that's unfortunate ? Happy the name's still being carried.
  21. This song puts me in a happy place, out to Tlim Shug
  22. Didn't 2 of the guys leave and it's just 1 guy now? I remember hearing about some 7" post-Warp and it was just 1 of the guys using the Plone name. Either way more Plone is always great. Their Tricky Disco cover makes me smile.
  23. This. I had that 12" and sold it like an idiot.
  24. That's fucked up. Not cool at all Behringer.
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