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  1. People are shit. This photo is incredibly depressing.
  2. Bump So I've had a job working on a Covid-19 Contact Tracing project since April. This job has me working 7 days a week/13 hours a day. As a result, the show above was the very last time I got to even mix. Needless to say...that sucks. That pt. 2 mix I posted is good for the record.
  3. The correct question is why do the cops want to fight people who aren't a threat to anyone. The problem is a lot of innocent people don't want to fight the cops, but the cops choose to fight (and sometimes kill) them. And there's a trend of this happening to black people in extremely disproportionate numbers and for reasons of pure ignorance. There has been a tacit acceptance of this for the entire history of the police in the United States. It should never be accepted. There is a collective awareness of this that only gets louder and more numerous.
  4. Thanks! The rights to Delakog have been purchased multiple times in the past 30 years for remakes (I know HBO had them about 15-20 years ago and ultimately let them lapse without acting on it). Happy no one's tried to actually go through with remaking it. That's actually an extremely interesting debate in itself. The merits of Dekalog being a more universally adaptable story vs. tied directly to the Polish society it was written/shot in. I have seen impassioned arguments on both sides. I cannot recommend Heimat enough, and actually find the 2nd series even more interesting than
  5. There are definitely times where the term "zone" is used w/o any reference to Tarkovsky. But there are other times when it's obvious that it's used with double-meaning (either by the word "Zone" being capitalized, contextual usage, and once even the Strugatsky brothers being directly referenced). I still need to read that book by Geoff Dyer. Been meaning to, thanks for the reminder!
  6. I put it in my original list and replaced it with Berlin Alexanderplatz (don't regret it).
  7. My current job has taken any free time away, except for getting to smoke and read a bit before falling asleep. I am currently reading Voices from Chernobyl. Everyone refers to the "Zone" around Chernobyl. At the same time, the word choice obviously came from Stalker. Then to go deeper, and realize that when these people use the term "Zone" to describe the Chernobyl fallout, they're not just referring to the exclusion aspect, but several attributed the same magical qualities as found in the book/film. Curious for your thoughts on the ending.
  8. Love love love this movie. Also the only film where Pasolini didn’t use Tonino Delli Colli as his DoP. Interesting contrast.
  9. Dekalog The Wire The Sopranos Heimat Berlin Alexanderplatz World at War Lil' Quinquin The Young Ones The Simpsons Father Ted Honorable mention: After Dark (UK talk show but technically a series)
  10. By who? If the answer is The Police well they were already being murdering black people in their homes (for DECADES) so strength in numbers, right?
  11. The term "Professional DJ's" Identity as commodification
  12. This is a really stupid assumption.
  13. And yet the first single of Damogen Furies shamelessly ripped The Cure, of all things. Sometimes experiments lead you to pop melodies, sometimes they lead you to fun things like this acid jam.
  14. I am a Lav Diaz devotee so yeah, I recommend them all (well, everything after Burger Boys). They are long, but they are excellent. I'd personally recommend starting with the stuff after Norte: The End of History. Specifically The Woman Who Left, then Season of the Devil. A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery is probably his best work but fair warning, it's 8 hours long. I really hope that Batang West Side gets a rediscovery some day.
  15. Norte: The End of History is one of the best films, period
  16. As far as tutorials for the MPC1K go, there's not a ton of great ones admittedly. A lot of it is somewhat intuitive, and then the manual can help with the specifics (bit of a language barrier). Main JJOS site: http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~mpc1000/ Manual (for JJOS 2XL, which is what you'd want): http://www7a.biglobe.ne.jp/~mpc1000/os_manual.htm
  17. I also want a Squarepusher vs. Ceephax live acid battle stream. PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN!
  18. That was awesome, cool use of a dj mixer too!
  19. I use an MPC1000, you can definitely overdub MIDI while a sequence is running. That's standard issue for all Akai MIDI sequencers and transport controls. The JJOS firmware (an old Akai employee who basically filled out the potential functionality of the MPC1000 and MPC2500 after leaving the company) really opens up the potential of the device.
  20. Anyone ever play the game Balderdash? My favorite board game.
  21. You're probably right. It's the last line that I was dreaming about next year, under some hope that this all goes away.
  22. Silver lining: This will likely kill off most corporate-sponsored music festivals.
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