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  1. harrdil


    agree just amazing, that and the next track and the masterpiece that comes in around six minutes from the end.
  2. swear this one is in the quirky set?
  3. colourbox just shazamed possibly my fav out of the 2 hours (so far)
  4. what was that 'such a long time ago' track? anyone
  5. was the weirdcore set cut short?
  6. last one in that squarepusher set amazing !!
  7. harrdil

    WARP 30

    what am I listening to here?
  8. harrdil


    reckon the quirky brixton tracks will be involved?
  9. harrdil

    unofficial merch

    dreemstreet street guys do a great long sleeve SAW1 shirt look for them on instagram
  10. can't stop listening to that tune from 31 minutes either, my fav of the american shows along with this And the Turin track which I still can't work out whether it's actually a new afx track or just a live set opener he's made as it's sounded different in every set
  11. this one Oh can't link it, in the reddit unreleased thread it's 'coachella track 3 week 2' takes you to a soundcloud file https://www.reddit.com/r/aphextwin/comments/be4i18/unreleased_material_played_at_recent_live_shows/
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