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  1. still desperately after this track if anyone can help? 😆
  2. lol that one that comes in right at the end is such a monster, it's sounded slightly different every set he's played it at. Really curious to see what a released version would sound like, like it both faster with drums (coachella) & slow without (turin)
  3. sounds very urban tribe/shake shakir to me
  4. nearing the end of this, been listening on and off for a month getting thru it slowly and meticulously. some amazing tracks There is a track on the mixlr player that starts around 11:43:30 I must find out what it is!! anyone?
  5. slow music sounds incredible on this..eagerly waiting
  6. my fav moment in the set, is this unreleased afx?
  7. any other super fans of this set I made some tribute t's, DM me on insta if you'd like one @harrdil
  8. someone grab me a tee in L if at all possible?
  9. harrdil

    CORC (LP5,1998)

    Just heard this on a random one on youtube autoplay! 😥
  10. harrdil


    agree just amazing, that and the next track and the masterpiece that comes in around six minutes from the end.
  11. swear this one is in the quirky set?
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