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  1. guess you skipped over the part abt being an asshole nah, these losers don’t deserve it 😛
  2. I love this. I have a degree in fashion and have done tons of design and styling over the years
  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I too have spent thousands of dollars as a teen and young adult, so definitely feel like i’ve payed my dues. I stopped buying CDs in 2005 and haven’t looked back. Also, I’m neurodivergent af, so something abt just being able to press a button and have music to listen to in bed, while cooking, showering and going for long walks at night is second to none. Playlisting is the second big draw, as I believe having certain tracks play after the other really creates some sort of magic, changing the environment around oneself. Its become a tradition now to review my y
  4. Definitely album of the year, in my book
  5. I finally sat with this album while i peeled ginger at 5 this morning. I’m agreeing w a lot of folks - i’m also in love with the back half of the album a lot more than the front half I think both Auto & Allo and Long Road Home are cute Absolutely love that verse and breakdown at the end of The Wether Channel - it’s genius Not crazy abt that weeknd track - not a big deal that it’s there either Standout track for me is Lost But Never Alone - it’s fucking gorgeous - really pleasantly surprised w this Nothing’s Special is also similarly gorgeous - wish it went
  6. I voted SIGN cause of the liquidy feels, but I think I need to sit with PLUS a while longer - def has some scruffy bangers. Think i’m gonna try the listening to both straight through in a playlist method
  7. I didn’t even know abt that 😬 thnx ~ i’m gonna have to properly check that out
  8. try syncing it to the wizard of oz
  9. BoC’s MO but school got canceled
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