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  1. You didn't miss anything with Tiefschwarz, they were absolutely fucking SHIT. Played mind-numblingly boring plodding gypsy house. Absolutely dreadful. Melt Festival was great though, or at least the Friday was. The Saturday I must've been unlucky because I didn't actually see anything GOOD. I went to the Big Wheel Stage to catch Ewan Pearson but either I'd read the time table wrong or he'd been switched around because I only caught his last two tunes before the aforementioned shit cunts came and completely ruined the vibe. It's a massive shame because the two tunes I heard Pearson play were absolutely wicked and I'm sure the rest of his set was the same. Friday had many highlights... Dettmann, Henrik Schwarz & Jesse Rose, Foals playing "Spanish Sahara". I missed LOADS of people I originally intended to see, such as; Matias Aguayo, Pantha du Prince, Tobias Thomas, Ricardo Villalobos, Pearson (as stated), 95% of the Ostgut Ton / Berghain / Panorama Bar crew and pretty much ANYONE else who played on the Sleepless Floor. It's a damn shame and kind of depressing reading over that now as they are some of the acts I most wanted to see. Having said that, there's only so far you can go when you have 6 pills to last the whole festival and a girlfriend who, when also low on drugs, gets a bit tired. Given another chance and another 10 pills I would've seen almost all of them. Although, I did miss a lot of the earlier ones (Thomas, Aguayo, PdP) because my dickhead mates wouldn't go to the festival that early and I didn't wanna get separated from them and not find them again. These sets look fucking awesome, sure wish he'd come to the states and show some love. Dear UK, lets settle our differences... please stop hogging all the good electronic shows/festivals and send a few our way - love ghOsty You weren't to know, but Melt Festival is in Germany.
  2. No replies, really? I urge anyone who has an interested in techno to give this a listen. It really is outstanding. I've listened to it 5+ times since Sunday. Which, considering I work 9-5 and am unable to listen during these hours, is quite a few listens.
  3. This is a really great album. I like their first EP which everyone got excited about but was left disappointed by the follow-up. This album, for me, tops any of their previous work. I was expecting disappointment, as is often the case with these much-hyped new acts, but it went the other way and Mount Kimbie managed to surpass and outdo any expectations I had of them. The main draw is that it's so unique. I wouldn't even know how to describe this music. It's kind of dubstep, but not really. The music also has a lot of personality. Very impressive indeed.
  4. Interesting eletronica/techno/experimental album on the Agoria's Infine Music. The recording process or concept may interest some of you: I just downloaded this today and can confirm it is both unique and fantastic. Somehow seamlessly combining dance-floor techno with classical experimentation and many other things. It plays out like a continuous journey through numerous electronic genres. A pleasant surprise for me as I knew nothing about the album before spotting it on eMusic earlier.
  5. ^ He's currently doing a Plastikman world tour. What with the visuals and various controllers it is probably one of, if not the most hi-tech shows he's done thus far (look up the vids). So it's probably not convenient to "go lo-tech for a while and do some gritty stuff".
  6. Yes. "Untrue" is one of my favourite albums. I have Mount Kimbie's first two EPs on Hot Flush. I like a few of their tracks but I'm not a huge fan. I am still yet to hear this though.
  7. The song with Jay-Z is out there...
  8. I love it. But again, I'm a huge Kompakt fan. It's a great mix of Kompakt-esque pop and techno music. Extremely accessible and easy to listen to. The mixing is typical Mayer, play the full song before mixing seamlessly into the next. There are no effects, no layering of tracks nor any other tricks. But for the format, it works perfectly.
  9. Panda Bear has a 7" coming out on Kompakt in the near future.
  10. I really want to pick this up but it has been overshadowed by a couple of other albums (Trentemoller's new one, the new Michael Mayer mix CD and so on.). Will hopefully get it at some point when I *need* some new music to buy.
  11. Doing some dates in the UK later in the year. Including Manchester which I am pleased about!
  12. That "Mazzjutant" track from that free EP that was posted on here is phenomenal.
  13. No I think I'd agree with that too. I feel that's his track most influenced by Nina Simone, of whom he seems to be a big fan.
  14. How's that any different from just clicking "buy" on the MP3/download page?
  15. Actually this is quite different from his debut. It's still Trentemoller, but it's much less minimal, much less electronic and much more instrumental, organic and poppy (in places). It's no longer strictly electronic music. Trentemoller has always mentioned in interviews that he wants to get further away from the dance/club scene and in this album I think he will achieved that. It's like a mixture of electronica, pop, indie, shoe gaze, goth and drum 'n' bass, and whilst that might sound awful, it really does seem to work well.
  16. Can anyone explain the benefits of pre-ordering something which will never sell out?
  17. This is out today. Just listening to it now... sounds good so far. Seems like fans of The Last Resort will not be disappointed.
  18. Yeah I recently got this album too. I've never (knowingly) heard anything by him before, certainly not a full album. The sound isn't quite what I was expecting - I didn't realise it would be so dubby. It is very good though. Some of the production sounds amazing and it's really atmospheric whilst at the same time comes across quite summery (to me at least). I've only heard the album in its entirety a couple of times but I can tell it's going to be one I stick with for a while. I'm a big Kompakt fan and they rarely let me down.
  19. Holden's hair is absurd. Looking forward to the CD though.
  20. KGW


    Couldn't even find the rules.
  21. KGW


    I feel like they are ripping off Fever Ray quite a significant amount. Visually it is all very similar to her live show and videos such as When I Grow Up. Musically it seems like they've borrowed quite of a bit of the overall style as well.
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