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  1. The new Resident Advisor mix is rather tasty! http://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?id=198
  2. Based in Scotland apparently. Anyone know roughly how long stuff takes to come from there? Just wondering when I can expect my delivery of unheard goodies. Edit: By "there", I don't mean Scotland.
  3. Not a huge fan of this.
  4. Really enjoyed the first album. One of the few dubstep CDs I listened to more than a couple of times so I will definitely have to give this a whirl.
  5. Sweet! Just ordered about 7 CDs by people I've never heard of - for £13!
  6. Look.... I'm not complaining about the value. Yes it's good value. But for me personally, an album that is over 70 minutes is a bit too long. Just saying is all.
  7. Not really, but sometimes it's a bit much. I like to listen to an album as a whole. It was only a minor complaint. However I do feel that one or two of these tracks could've been chopped.
  8. KGW


    It's definitely not. It looks nothing like her aside from the blonde straggly hair. In terms of facial features it does look like Gaga a bit. But then it could be an unknown actor in the vids.
  9. Picked this up last night due to the feedback in this thread. Sounding good so far. Bits of the album starting to stand out after a couple of listens. I'm sure it will only get better with time. Is there any need for a 75 minute album though? ReallY!?
  10. KGW


    I have to say I find this rather interesting, having just discovered it. The vids/music is intruiging to say the least.
  11. KGW


    Their latest album is actually very decent if you like sparse analogue techno at all. Some of it is fairly cheesy I guess but I'm willing to overlook it. I've seen vids of their live new live show as well and it looks cool as fuck.
  12. Bjork is fucking amazing. Mostly. Homogenic & Vespertine are two of my favourite albums. Homogenic has the great stand-out moments such as "Unravel" and "All Is Full Of Love", but I think as an overall I prefer Vespertine. I had tickets to see her last year but she cancelled on the day of the concert. Nightmare. Hopefully one day I will get to see her live. Kind of not bothered about a lot of the Volta material though so maybe I didn't miss out too much.
  13. Coincidentally I just downloaded their Grosses Wasser album from eMusic as I will be seeing them in Brussels next month at a festival. Suppose I shall have to check this new album out as presumably that's what they'll be performing. Is it any good?
  14. I think I prefer Radio Scarecrow over Silenced & Further Vexations. "Train By The Autobahn Part II" is amazing. They are performing the new album in an art gallery on a Tuesday but I have no one to go with!
  15. I need to listen more, I think it's close. On the Panda Bear track, I love AC and I love PdP, still not sure if they work together well (though his remix of Peacebone is great). I'd agree with the first part of this sentence. I think only tell will tell if it's as good as "This Bliss", but at the moment it certainly stands up. I actually like the track with Noah Whatshisface too. Granted it's strange hearing such straight-up singing in the middle of a Pantha du Prince track but after I got over the initial shock/horror I grew to love it. The quality of the production throughout the whole album is astounding to me.
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