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  1. If you like 5, 4 is worth checking out. Pretty much exact same game, just different location (Britain). I'm sure there's some new stuff in 5, but I only played a few minutes so far. 4 changes through different seasons which is cool.
  2. https://music.beat.supply/album/flow great vibes colocasia, daisychain, slash wsg, ifnao, what(ever) are current faves
  3. I don't do prints myself (anymore, fuck printers) but if anyone ever wants any prints I'd be happy to order through an online printing site and ship to you if you want to pay for the cost of order. Ive been thinking of doing a watmm print giveaway with some of my old prints that I have, I'll make sure you're notified if I do lol
  4. yo can i buy a print of that first one? these are amazing
  5. how did i miss this, that animation is sickk
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