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  1. Well, at least it's on the digital release. That's something. Didn't get left on the cutting room floor
  2. Yeah, i've been trying to pay money to get it ported to macOS, cos I really need it. it's a great app. I don't have enough space to set up a 2002 PC XP laptop and use it solely for Logic5.5.1 and zTracker. I connected zTracker to Ableton Live too, and it was plenty of fun.
  3. Hi, just listed One-Offs Ep up for pre-order on bandcamp https://lackluster.bandcamp.com/album/one-offs-ep 1. Plip (3:36) 2. Shoo (2:16) 3. 210101 (4:54) 4. Sfacidx3mulch (1:15) 5. Rumk8 (9:49) 6. Kcl2 (3:39) the original press-release from June 2001: "Monotonik is very proud to present an exclusive 6-track EP from Finland’s Lackluster, aka Esa Ruoho, an artist we’ve been releasing (as Distance) since way back when we were putting out .MODs, and have seen go from the limited-edition “CDR#2” on Monotonik (our only physical release ever) to critical acclaim through his 12” and album releases on the UK’s DeFocus Records, and more recent vinyl and CDs put out through Rikos, Merck, and U-Cover, to name but a few. “One-Offs EP” is a collection of material from the last year or so which, quite simply, blows us away. From the starting bloopshuffle into expansive caverns of “Plip”, through the perverse percussives of “Shoo”, and into the suddenly retro, gorgeous simplicity of “21/01/01”, this suddenly feels eons past “Container”, even after its 5-star Muzik rating. Pausing for the breathy interlude of “Sfacidx3mulch”, the EP forges on to the simply epic and extended multilayering of “Rumk8”, as formerly heard in the [email protected] performance, and finally to the wonderful “Kcl2”, all echo-ing organ chords and zen-like calm. What a trip." releases April 10, 2020 p.s. the cover artwork is by Jaakko Iisalo. The originator of Angry Birds designs (the pigs and the birds).
  4. choon died. and was absorbed into emanate. no idea if emanate is good or not. didn't bother to pay money to get in
  5. yep, and i'm still kinda developing it for 3.1.1 and for 3.2. i have it on github if interested. but it requires you to basically install a KeyBindings.xml with the IT stuff set to the scripts in Paketti, and i guess that's why the userbase is a userbase of 1.
  6. there are a few that have been doing the rounds that are publicly available. i couldn't figure out a way to send a private message on watmm. pls get in touch.
  7. not really rumoured, i thought everyone knew this is Brothomstates.
  8. he knocked that track out in a day or half a day or something. maybe less. it came right at the end of the deadline for the remixes for FOC354 12". and yep, it's one that is really liked. and, if you want to hear something that was completely retinkered/retooled, check out the original "Ix Pen" and then "Brothomstates Ip Xen" on Claro.
  9. the meanwhile rm xb yb rothomstates is even better. they all at https://lackluster.bandcamp.com/album/merck-package
  10. try looking for dub techno Much appreciated, man!
  11. geez, edits disabled? :D also i have no idea how it suddenly changed into quote of a quote
  12. Got this blurb from Esem "EP just released on Bandcamp: https://esem.bandcamp.com/album/- It's a tad on the darker side. Roel Funcken says it's good!" 1. n-fold (04:34) 2. 1 (04:36) 3. NaN (04:50) 4. lt_ft (06:35) 5. 0w (03:29) Composed, arranged, mixed, mastered by Georgi Marinov Sofia, London, 2007-2017 Fan Feedback from Roel Funcken: It features outstanding production that is almost forensic in it's detail, but remains utterly free of any pretension, always sounding organic and natural, never clinical. It has a huge breadth and variety of style but remains focused and consistent. It is both complex and subtle, yet each track features beautifully-layered melodies that are highly memorable. Favorite track: 1.
  13. Can you tell me where the fuck you find this info on discogs? oh yes we can. https://www.discogs.com/artist/307-Boards-Of-Canada?filter_anv=0&subtype=Remix&type=Credits also, updated: Michael Fakesch: Surfaise (The Trade Winds Mix by Boards of Canada) Mira Calix: Sandsings (Remixed by Boards of Canada) Bubbahs Tum: Dirty Great Mable (Boards of Canada Mix) Meat Beat Manifesto: Prime Audio Soup (Vegetarian Soup by Boards of Canada) Slag Boom van Loon: Poppy Seed (Boards of Canada remix) Slag Boom van Loon: Poppy Seed (Reprise) (Boards of Canada remix) Boom Bip: Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards of Canada Remix) cLOUDDEAD: Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada Remix) Beck: Broken Drum (Remixed by Boards of Canada) Why?: Good Friday (Remix by Boards of Canada) Nevermen: Mr. Mistake (Boards of Canada Remix) Odd Nosdam: Sisters (Boards of Canada Remix)
  14. Thank you very much. I tried all three of these. Cultris was the best one, but its single player interface is very limited. Also, sometimes the command to drop a piece carries over to the next piece, which can ruin a game. Neat! Cultris also has music by me (Lackluster) and Konsta Mikkonen (you might know of him via Hospital Records and their podcast, he releases drum'n'bass as Muffler) and many, many others related to the demoscene and the netlabel scenes of this planet.
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