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Lazarus Rising - Pirate Radio Transmission 1994


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Anyone know anything about this? Just saw it on Twitter...




Lazarus Rising was a project by Stewart Jones and Gavin Reilly. We started working in dance music, mostly UK hardcore and early jungle. Then, like a lot of people, we discovered ambient music through Pete Namlook and The Orb and started mellowing out the music. Armed with a couple of cheap synthesisers and few samplers we started making tracks in late 1993.

Inspired by The Future Sound Of London's Kiss FM mixes in late 1993 and The Orb's live gigs we started approaching our friends who ran pirate radio stations, some fondly remembered like Innocence and Pulse, some long forgotten. Most of them thought our music had gone too weird, but we did broadcast a handful of radio shows in the first half of 1994. We would spend a couple of days doing live mixes to DAT in Gavin's bedroom and the best one would be delivered to the station on the day of broadcast.

Sadly everything got lost in a house fire in July 1994, all our instruments and DATs charred and melted. Gavin moved away to his parents and we never made music again. We had almost finished an album. A while later I tried to get in touch with the few pirate DJs I still knew, but could never locate any of our old shows.

Then a few weeks ago a friend of mine told me he'd come across an off-air tape of what sounded like one of our shows! One side had a FSOL ISDN recording and at first he thought the B-side was also them until he recognised the "Lazarus Rising" sample. He mailed the tape over, and I bought a second hand tape deck and gave it a listen. This is that tape. It's only 29 minutes of what would probably have been an hour long mix, and the quality isn't great. I can't remember which station it was done for, or even the titles of most of the tracks, but this is (currently) all that remains of mine and Gavin's Lazarus Rising project.

Please enjoy and, if you know anyone who lived in London in 1994 and listened to pirate radio, ask around if anyone has any more recordings of our shows. I would love to hear them again. 


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