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dj tim osman - ladies night at the gay bar


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click here to download a 1:05:35 mix weighing in at 120mb that takes you on a trip from oldschool electroy rap to the token idm cuts to quality fucking rap... very quality shit. i'll take you around the world like daft punk, baby



yeap... here we go.. if you missed the first one that i mistakeningly put into EKT/YLC, welp, go to http://sinicalypse.kaen.org/djtimosman and nab it.. it's called the asset.


btw i wholeheartedly confess i am no andy c right now.. i dont even own a crossfader. what i do own is records (100% vinyldump on this one) and a brain that knows the ins and outs of music... comeon, when i do the fearless four mix, comeon, you have to give me that, akin to the squarepusher/troublefunk bridge on my first one =P


but yeah man, this is like, me trying to audition to play music at cool bars in chicago, not WHEEL IT UP SELECTA akin to thee aforementioned andy C.

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