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what are you dancing to?


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i'm dancing to frontier psychology by the avalanches


no need to post if you're not dancing


That's a good one, really gets ya goin


As soon as my spiffing leather pants come on, so does this track. LOUD.




If I'm feeling REALLY fruity I'll get some of my hoes dressed up at fruits and REALLY go to town on this one

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I'm too old to do anything but nod my head and stroke my chin. unless I'm drunk as a fuck. then anything distortedly glithcing out with a beat will do.

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Not at the moment, I'm going to school on the East Coast but I still visit during the summer and Xmas. Wry?


Just wondering if you were getting hyphy, when you dance, like all the other kids in the Bay area. :smile:

Speaking of... it's impossible not to dance when I hear this song.



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