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Architects + Heroes Sampler Vol 1


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Architects + Heroes: Sampler Vol. 1 - A+H000


Zygote - Double OC

Burbank International - Liquor Crush

Quiliuq - Ventana

Business 80 - Mad At Nothing

The Summer of Flux - Rad Math

Asymmetrical Head - Forward Lateral (Lucid Rhythms Remix)

DJ Stephen R - Bumped

Quiliuq - Subluminal

Burbank International - The Other Side

Asymmetrical Head - Forward Lateral

Zygote - Dracula Variations

Business 80 - This Place Where I Used To Play


This is the first Release on Architects + Heroes Records. This is basically our introduction. The tracks on this sampler are for future releases on the label. The styles on this sampler range from IDM, Techno, and Indie Electronica. Other releases in the works:


The Summer of Flux - Radio Anthems for the Newly Disenfranchised (CD, Digital Download) A+H001

Asymmetrical Head - The Treehouse Symposium (CD, Digital Download) A+H002

Burbank International - WARTHOG (CD, Digital Download) A+H003


We're working on a compilation to be released after these which will also be CDs and digital download. We're also planning vinyl and cassette releases as well as DVDs.


Stay tuned and I hope you guys come along for the ride!

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really dig your tracks asymm! my favs on the compilation!


your partner's tracks are pretty awesome as well....


The Summer of Flux track got me groovin!


Subluminal and Forward Lateral are the jamzzzz!


all people should check this, it is fucking free!!!!

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got some play on digital::nimbus this past friday night.


Playlist :: http://digitalnimbus.com/playlists/dn_playlist.php?ShowID=396

Stream :: http://digitalnimbus.net/archive/jan_2011/dn_396.m3u

Download ::


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