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2011 Death Lists


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I didn't see a thread for this, so I am starting one. Same rules as usual. You get to make one person on your list a joker for double the points (or something, what are the rules again?).


Steve Jobs

Christopher Hitchens (Joker)

Jimmy Carter

Betty White

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Roger Ebert

Clint Eastwood

Larry Wachowski

Boards of Canada

Squarepusher's career

The Queen Elizabeth

Laurence Fishburne

Morgan Freeman

Robin Williams

Ric Flair

Anthony Hopkins

Lindsay Lohan

Perez Hilton


George Lucas

Betty White

Frederica Sagor Maas (Joker)

Kim Jong-il

Dick Cheney

George Bush Sr

Jimmy Carter

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

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Guest analogue wings

Christopher Lee

Prince Philip

Dick Dale :(

Steve Jobs (J)

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Jim Hellwig

Ariel Sharon

Aretha Franklin

Robert Mugabe

Sarah Palin

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