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WANTED: Surfing On Sine Waves Ltd (Low number)


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Guest sirch

Mine's 000564 but I'd never get rid of it.


mine's no. 3 and i'd sell it for a bag of chips. really hungry right now.

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I've heard all that stuff for years about how bad the early Warp colored vinyl pressings were. I played my clear one and found nothing wrong w/ the sound. Always heard the SAWIIs were really shit though.

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Whats missing?




I'm trying to finish a job here guys...


Very nice! If that's definitely everything you've got then the most obvious things missing are the CD Re-issue featuring Portreath Harbour and Redruth School and The promo 12" of Quoth on Black vinyl, not clear. There's a misspress of SOSW on Cd that does have the 2 extra tracks but uses the old artwork with the regular tracklisting. Depends on how complete you want to be.

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