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Sint - Monitor Select


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Nice review from Boomkat!



Charming acid crafted with authentic analog gear. We could liken Netherlander Sint with the usual Rephlex suspects, but there's not much need, as you should have gathered enough from the preceding inferences. He's simply got a very lush take on that classic, frothy analogue sound, full of the sweetest melodies and quirky electro groove programming which should hit the mark for fans of the vintage stuff. Make sure to check samples for 'Stay There', '5 v1', and 'Pea900' at the least. Recommended.



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Thank you LUDD, here's a beer :beer:


Also, can anyone translate this french review into english maybe? Thanks a lot!


J’imagine et surtout j’espère que la deuxième moitié du XXIe siècle verra naître un ordre monastique ne se consacrant qu’à reproduire à l’infini les morceaux d’electro drexciyienne et affiliée, ainsi qu’un autre ordre ne s’intéressant qu’à refaire à l’infini les tracks acid mélodiques du catalogue Rephlex, puis qu’ils finiront par fusionner en retrouvant ce disque néerlandais qu’un faussaire fera passer pour antérieur à leur bibles respectives, et que ce nouvel ordre, installé dans les ruines sacrées des anciens locaux de Noos et Infonie, imposera jour et nuit ce culte de l’identique musical à tous les habitants de l’ancienne La Défense.



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Totally missed this the first time around but this is really sweet stuff man! I do have another Sint release that I play occassionally, but this one will be added to the list.

Too bad the cassette isn't available anymore :)

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Thanks for the nice words and buying guys :)


If you have facebook, it's be ace if you liked the page. http://facebook.com/sintmusic


some new music is going to be released in the next couple of months etc.


If all goes well a single gets out in winter


Again thanks for the love!

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