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FUKNO - Bad Acid


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We are very proud to release the first FUKNO album on BRK.

FUKNO, is one of the most recent musical projects by Guy Sterling, ultra-prolific producer, graphic designer and label manager who has already acquired a reputation with his main projects dating to the System Corrupt days : Rainbow Ejaculation (ultra-fast gay cut-ups) and Rank Sinatra (noise karaoke)… Guy Sterling meticulously conceptualises his projects before going ahead, most of them, musical or graphic are centred on reappropriation, recycling and cut and paste… With FUKNO it is a complete immersion in the « acid » universe with exclusive use of old machines that are emblematic of the genre in order to obtain analogical sounds during long improvisation sessions. The sessions are based on the exploitation and fiddling around of patterns often existing within the presets and that are modulated and filtered through a set-up of effects pedals (are we not again spot-on in the recycling aesthetics) The recordings are the then cut-up, rearranged to become the final tracks, in the end a kind of ACID-HARSH-NOISE REVIVAL very far from the sounds of Acid House.

Guy Sterling’s (aka 667u ?) website, covers all of his artistic projects and work, there is a page dedicated to FUKNO with several tracks and demos for download…

And as a Teaser, here is a live recording of FUKNO somewhere in Australia.

Guy Sterling website : http://www.667u.com/

FUKNO page : http://www.667u.com/fukno.htm

Soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/667u

Tracklist :

1 - Bird Caught in my Acid

2 - Federal Election Acid

3 - Oprah in Oz Acid

4 - Meat and Three Veg Acid

5 - Off Your Ass Acid

6 - Social Leprosy Acid

7 - Single Income Acid

Music & Logos by : Guy Sterling / Layout & screenprint by : Stereotype.

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