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  1. Kent, 1956 , by ⦓⦔ タンジェリン In Search Of Atlantis , by TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL
  2. prdctvsm


    vinyl dub mix : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lrj_S8-b9AnluxmQ94qRqJt4bBP80L28/view
  3. poison , by Bogdan Raczynski Words are poison. Their venom is capable of completely changing the way you think. If you allow it. It starts as a tiny thought and feels outlandish, but refuses to go away. Eventually, you stop fighting and let it breathe. You listen to other words by other people. And before you know it you are thinking defiantly. Defiance isn’t a bad word. Defiance can be a profound act of love. Defiance is the thought, resistance is the action. Resistance isn’t a bad word. Resistance can be a profound act of love. Words can also be love, even if they are harsh and shake you to your core. This release is a collection of words about colonialism, oppression, genocide, capitalism, racism, white supremacy, and the interconnectedness of it all. In these sprawling speeches you will hear many shocking things. One critical omission is the voice of the oppressed. This decision serves as an inescapable reminder of our longstanding ignorance of the oppresed; let's not lie to ourselves that we care what they have to say, they have been saying it for centuries and we have been ignoring them for even longer. The sooner we acknowledge that we do not care the sooner we can ask ourselves why. This music is wrong by design. Pairing the drums of dance music with talk of genocide is abominable. This decision serves as a reminder that we are all living as though a genocide is not happening; we laugh, we shop, we entertain ourselves, we go on about our day. Also, let's be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that most of us only started listening in earnest once the news was packaged in an easily consumable way, social media. Words are stories but they can also be pleas, warnings, and signals. Share this release with others, in your playlists and mixes as an act of defiance, resistance, and love. Poison the algorithm. Find other voices that shake you, amplify them, think defiantly and with love. Do not love systems or governments or borders or places. Love people and rights and humanity. You are out of excuses. They are out of time. Erode privilege. Erode capitalism. Death to colonialism. Death to Empire. DO NOT SEND MONEY, IT WILL BE REFUSED credits released April 5, 2024 Aaron Bushnell Sarah Clancy - Last Night Rachel Corrie Clare Daly - Selected European Parliament Speeches Dr Tanya Haj Hassan Chris Hedges - Israel's Genocide Betrays the Holocaust Ahmed Paul Keeler
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