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Code - Subtle Audio Promo Mix May 2012


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K-Mag just posted a mix by myself aswell as an interview about the Subtle Audio label.


You can check the interview here ---> http://www.kmag.co.u...-guest-mix.html




... The link for the mix on that page doesn't seem to be working for the moment, so here's another one ---> http://dnbshare.com/...ag-mix.mp3.html




Mix Tracklisting :


1. NCQL - The Framed Dreams Of Loki (SUBTLE016)

2. dgoHn - 4.37745 Yards (SUBTLE017)

3. Dan Habarnam - Janee (SUBTLE004EP)

4. Indidjinous - Initiation (SUBTLED010)

5. Mecca - Virtual Affair (SUBTLE004EP)

6. Polska - Outvert (Equinox Retrospective Remix) (SUBTLE014)

7. Nic TVG - Timelapse Of A Tuesday (SUBTLE018 - Unmastered Preview)

8. Martsman - Some Minimal Business (SUBTLEB003)

9. dgoHn - Hang Nail (SUBTLE017)

10. Nic TVG - Lose The World On An Excuse (SUBTLE005CD - Unmastered Preview)





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ah... K-Mag finally fixed their download link :smile:


Interview here ---> http://www.kmag.co.uk/editorial/features/subtle-audio-guest-mix.html


Mix is here --->






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