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Petrichoir (Ten and Tracer)

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Guest tenandtracer

Greetings friends,


I've come to share a new project I've been working on for some time now. It's an alias for releasing my 'turboblazed' music - wherein I get psychedelically stoned and make hip-hop-like music. (I live in Colorado, USA where getting psychedelically stoned is legal, ok? We cool?)


At the onset, I quickly grew quite fond of the results of such sessions, but never saw an opportunity to release them as I've set the bar rather stupidly high for my Ten and Tracer music.*


This year, I decided to just release the stuff under a different alias - take the opportunity to be a hypocrite and contradict whatever philosophy I've developed in my 15 years of releasing music.


Today, I released an EP called 'Lickturn'. Currently, you 'name your price' - including FREE of course. Please take the opportunity to explore this new project of mine.**



On 3/13/13 I released a mini-album called 'Sauce For the Gender'. It's available for a meager $4... you're almost stealing which is nearly as cool as stealing.



Thank you very much for your time (and potentially your ears).



Jonathan Canupp

Ten and Tracer



* If you are interested in my other project as 'Ten and Tracer', I've nearly 40 releases spanning 13 years for you to explore. My most recent album, 'A Secret Is A Poisonous Snake', was released 12/12/12 on Konque (a label run by Alka Rex and David Last).


(I really think WATMM patrons would particularly enjoy this album - you can stream the entire album from the link above)


** Should you decide to download the music for free, please consider sharing a link or telling another friend about my music (if you enjoy it, of course!). I am truly grateful for any effort people make to spread my music... of all the music out there. I mean, think of it!


*** I can't believe you're still reading. I'm convinced no one reads anymore. They see some amount of text like the above and move on.


**** No, I'm not spamming a bunch of places with this same nonsense. I really typed all of this nonsense specifically for you! Seriously!

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