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Omar Souleyman - Wenu Wenu


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Syrian artist Omar Souleyman (now residing in Turkey), first brought to wider acclaim via a series of releases and compilation appearances for Sublime Frequencies and Sham Palace, is now releasing a new album on Ribbon Music. The record, entirely produced by Four Tet in Brooklyn last year, is a heady whirl from start to finish.

Kicking off with the title track, Souleyman's trademark speedy BPMs and sharply delivered arabic vocals backed up by a frentic, slightly techno-fied version of his crisp, dizzy sound, the pace is largely kept quick. The deeper pulse of 'Nahy', the steady, snaking beat of 'Khattaba' provide more introspective moments and the end result is a unique record from a very special artist.




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Guest bitroast

Yess looking forward to this.


Reminds me a bit of ceephax's psychtapolis ep (lol jokes).

The drum beat and huh! huh! sample reminds me of the lost vikings though.

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