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Dalglish - Guest Mix for Lee Gamble - NTS 23.10.14

Gretsky 3D

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Douglas is on a roll with his own releases, and now we get this nice look into his electronic taste (which is interesting because his own music is hard to fit into any style/scene). So many things I've never heard though! If anyone can ID any tracks, please do so.


I'm especially curious about the first and second track, assuming the heavy dark beat marking the beginning of a new track.


Ever since I've heard Andy Stott's We Stay Together, the beat-track at the beginning of this Dalglish mix is what I've always hoped any future Stott albums to sound like. I was always disappointed.


Now I'd love to know what this is.

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Well darn it... that explains why the second half sounds exactly like his own stuff (which it probably is??). It seemed like a mood-shift experiment.


Not too familiar with Gamble, except for his most recent album. I like pretty much all of this though! So I'm still curious if anyone recognizes any tracks.

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I can definitely tell that track around 55 min mark is Russel Haswell (from Double A 12-inch, One Take Dub No Edit). Around 20 min mark it's Terrence Dixon (sounds like The Connection from Badge Of Honor, though it's mediocre LP better check my thread on his Population One LP in upcoming releases). Others can't tell for sure, i think most of it is new.

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