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Crazy P - Walk Dance Talk Sing

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I know this is probably not a record that's going to be huge on here. But there might be a few fans. And these guys are so laid back that they don't really promote their records. So I figured I'd post on here in case anyone hadn't realised it was out.


You can preview on Sound Clud if you want, but I wouldn't bother, just buy it. The production on this album is amazing, and SC resolution just wouldn't cut it. I listened to it the first time driving a rental car that I just picked up, and I thought 'Man, this car has an incredible sound system for a rental.' But then I listened to a different cd and I realised it was the album and not the car that was incredible.


You can get signed copies with a bonus mix cd from their web store.




Was really fast from the UK to US. Wish they'd tour North America, you never know.


They really don't sound too much like anyone else on here, I love how they'll have songs that suddenly get all cinematic and dark without warning.

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