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Some of you might remember watmm member Lullezucht, visual-audio boss put up a new album, digital & cd on his bandcamp account;








Waanzintraan is the first collection of music I produced in China. It even features some processed field recordings I made in Shanghai and Xi'an. I mostly explored noise though. Not as a genre excursion, but more as an aesthetic and visceral aspect. Waanzintraan is an album full of contrasts that's surprisingly harmonic at times. Not only noise is a dominant theme in Waanzintraan, China and my life here also found its way directly and indirectly into the music. I decided to extend that to the visual part of the project by using backgrounds in the artwork and video that consist of material I shot around my neighbourhood here in Xi'an.
I decided to use the final artwork for my own Bandcamp. You might have seen different artwork in other promotional material. Through some misunderstanding and time constraint the cds have an earlier draft of the artwork. I added pictures of the final product which still looks pretty damn cool if you ask me. The download comes with the intended artwork, so you get two for the price of one if you purchase the cd and a glimpse of how the artwork evolved.
released April 3, 2016


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